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Devil's Claw for Dogs, Cats and Horses: Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

Devil's Claw for Dogs, Cats and Horses: Uses, Dosage and Side Effects

Devil's Claw - powerful, herbal anti-inflammatory and pain-reliever!

If your beloved pet suffers from either acute or chronic pain, it's likely that someone may have recommended Devil's Claw to help ease your pet's pain. Despite its ominous name, Devil's Claw is actually a wonderful plant that's jam-packed with powerful pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties, which are proven to alleviate inflammatory-related conditions such as arthritis and gout! 

Devil's Claw is a flowering plant of the sesame family, native to South Africa. The roots and tubers of the plant have been used by the indigenous people for ages to make medicine. While the roots and tubers are medicinally used, Devil's Claw gets its name from the appearance of its fruit, which is covered with hooks meant to attach onto animals in order to spread the seeds. 

Reduces inflammation

Inflammation is one of the body’s natural immune response to injury or infection. When your pet obtains a cut, knocks their head or comes down with a viral infection, their body will respond by activating their immune system. While some inflammation is necessary to defend your body against harm, chronic inflammation can be detrimental to health. Examples of chronic inflammation include inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS), arthritis and gout.

Devil's Claw has been used by indigenous South African people for millennia to remedy inflammatory conditions. Science now proves its anti-inflammatory properties through the presence of plant compounds called iridoid glycosides. In addition to having anti-inflammatory properties, iridoid glycosides may also have antioxidant effects! This means the plant may have the ability to ward off cell-damaging effects of unstable molecules called free radicals.

In the same way that Devil's Claw has traditionally used by people as an effective and natural anti-inflammatory, it holds the same healing benefits for animals, including dogs, cats and horses!

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Improves osteoarthritis

There are many forms of pet arthritis but the most common is degenerative joint disease (DJD), also known as osteoarthritis, which is associated with age and inflammation. Unfortunately, the odds that your dog, cat or horse may suffer from degenerative joint disease are fairly high! For many years it was believed to be a common 'wear and tear' disease that occurs after years of cartilage degeneration, due to repetitive movements and strenuous activity. While this stands true, more recent studies show that chronic, low-grade inflammation may also be a huge culprit! This occurs when the immune system starts producing proteins that attack the joints.

Symptoms of osteoarthritis in dogs, cats and horses:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Limping
  • Difficulty getting up from resting position or laying down
  • Weight gain
  • Whimpering or groaning
  • Having a hard time getting up/down stairs or in/out the car or performing usual activities
  • Acting withdrawn or irritable (especially in cats)
  • Soreness when touched

Along with anti-inflammatory effects, Devil’s Claw shows potential as a pain reliever. Devil’s Claw is effective at reducing pain associated with osteoarthritis and is commonly used as an active ingredient in arthritis-management remedies for people and animals! Researchers attribute this to harpagoside, an active plant compound in Devil’s Claw, which acts in the same way as a nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drug (NSAID).

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Eases symptoms of gout

Gout is much rarer in animals than it is in humans! Nevertheless, it's classified as being a form of arthritis, characterized by painful swelling and redness, usually in the paws and toes and sometimes in the neck, elbow, ears, and even the tongue area. Gout is caused by a buildup of uric acid in the blood which can result from a high protein diet, but is also down to genetic factors, or liver or kidney disease when uric acid is not adequately cleared from the system. 

Symptoms of gout in dogs, cats and horses:

  • Reduced mobility
  • Limping
  • Bloody or gritty urine
  • Frequent urination in small amounts
  • Straining to pass urine
  • Lumps and/or bleeding on the neck or paw area
  • Chalky white substance oozing out of lesions
  • Acting withdrawn or irritable
  • Lethargy

Studies show that, due to its purported anti-inflammatory effects and potential to reduce pain, Devil’s Claw has been proposed as an alternative treatment for those with gout as researchers suggest it reduces uric acid build-up.

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Acts as a digestive tonic

Another traditional use of Devil's Claw is to remedy digestive complaints. The flavonoids and phytosterols found in Devil's Claw stimulate bile production, which helps digest and absorb food properly, making Devil's Claw a wonderful and healthy digestive tonic! The flavonoids and phytosterols also help maintain digestive health via their antispasmodic effect, and can also provide considerable relief from inflammation caused by acid reflux!

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Supplement dosage for pets

Mix 100% Dried Devil's Claw Powder For Pets into their food as a daily herbal supplement, or acutely when needed. It comes in an easy-to-use powder form - no more stress around pill swallowing! A 200g tub will last one large dog one year and one horse 50 days.

Daily amount:

  • Small to average pets (5-20kg): 1/10th tsp
  • Large pets (20-40kg): 1/5th tsp (0.5g)
  • Giant breeds (>40kg): 1/3rd tsp
  • Ponies: 1 level tsp (2.5g)
  • Horses: 1 heaped tsps (4g)

Side effects

Reported side effects of Devil's Claw are rare and mild, but it's still important to know how to use it safely.

  • Taking high doses of Devil’s Claw may upset the stomach in some people and animals, with the most common side effects being diarrhea.
  • People and pets with stomach ulcers, gallstones or duodenal ulcers should not take Devil’s Claw. 
  • Devil’s Claw might thin the blood, so people taking blood thinning medication should consult a doctor before taking this herb.
  • Diabetics should not take Devil's Claw except under strict medical supervision, since it can significantly lower the dose of insulin required.

Other pet products containing Devil's Claw

MobiLive Pets: All-natural herbal anti-inflammatory formula to soothe pets' symptoms of arthritis and degenerative joint disease. Taken as a daily remedy, MobiLive Pets helps improve range of motion, reduce stiffness and pain, and relieve inflammation! MobiLive Pets comes in convenient tincture formula which is easy to administer and the dosage can be adjusted to suit pets of all sizes. Since MobiLive Pets contains herbal pain relievers as well as Devil’s Claw, it can be given as a companion remedy to the 100% Dried Devil's Claw Powder For Pets, especially when arthritis is advanced!

Rosehip and Devil's Claw Biscuits: All-natural pet treat biscuits made with pure, natural ingredients including herbs, rosehip and Devil's Claw for healthy joints! Treat your pet with these delicious treats while encouraging healing and health - free from preservatives, artificial colours, artificial flavours, milk or sugar! Safe for dogs, cats, puppies and kittens.

If you have any pet-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!  

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Feelgood Health - April 28, 2022

Good day Katia

Thank you for your comment! While side effects can occur from any therapeutic substance, side effects are uncommonly seen with Devil’s Claw when used correctly.

We cannot comment on your specific case as we don’t know where you sourced the devil’s claw from, however, increased platelet counts are often no cause for concern if the rest of the complete blood count is normal. We recommend you wait a month before taking your dog for another complete blood count.

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

Feelgood Health Team

Katia Pedersen - April 28, 2022

Hi there. Can you pls, tell me if Devils Claw would somehow cause the plaquelets in the blood goes higher? I have 3 senior dogs that has osteoarthritis. I’ve been given then 1 pill of 500gr of Devils claw for years now, stoped for 6 months but then saw their mobility deteriorating, so I put them back on devils claw, cats claw and boswelia, and never stoped again after that. Recently my oldest dog, a 14 years old border collie, had an AVC, and during blood test, the only thing that was abnormal was the plaquelets, which was high (2x higher). Thanks in advance

Feelgood Health - March 12, 2022

Good day Colleen

Thank you for your comment on our blog post Devil’s claw for dogs, cats and horses. Devils Claw is a safe and natural essential joint supplement for dogs that should not cause your dog to become aggressive.

As a dog ages, it’s common to have some health concerns. Something like dental pain, arthritis, or vision and hearing loss can trigger aggression in a senior dog.

We would recommend using Aggression Formula which is a safe and effective homeopathic remedy that will help soothe anxiety, restlessness and agitation.

Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to ask.

Feelgood Health Team

Feelgood Health - March 11, 2022

Hi Shireen

Thank you for your question! Our Devils Claw Supplement is for pet use. However, we do have Devil’s Claw capsules that we can recommend to you.

Inala Health Devil’s Claw is widely used to soothe gout, arthritis and other muscular-skeletal complaints. If you’re looking for a trusted supplement to help ease pain and inflammation, Inala Health Devil’s Claw is the natural solution!

Should you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask.

The Feelgood Health Team

Colleen Boraine - March 12, 2022

We have a 13 yr old miniture dobermain. We started giving him devils claw at the start if Dec 21. Is it possible that the devils claw can be the cause of mood changes or aggresive outburst? Our dog occasionally behaves very bad and bites everything and everybody. This has been so for the last 2 months. Could this be a possible side effect if devils claw?

Shireen Vlaming - March 11, 2022

What would the recommended dosage be for a human please?

Feelgood Health Team - August 13, 2021

Good day Nicola

Thank you for your blog comment. If you are giving your dog Devil’s Claw as a food supplement for a chronic condition, you do not need to give them a break.

Daily amount:

Small to average pets [ 5-20kg ]: 1/10th tsp
Large pets [ 20-40kg ]: 1/5th tsp (0.5g)
Giant breeds [ >40kg ]: 1/3rd tsp

Mix into the feed.

Feelgood Health team

Nicola cook - August 13, 2021

I am feeding devil claw to my 10 year dog but I’m unsure when you have to give them a break in between feeding cycles. Can you please give advice. Many thanks

Megan Haigh - March 3, 2021

I have been given some liquid devils claw to help my very stiff 13year old lab. What is the doseage i need to give her and how often? Shes approximatly 20k. Thanks.

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