Do you wish your dog or cat could live forever? How to ensure your pet lives a happy, long life!

Do you wish your pet was immortal and could live forever? Our pets bring so much happiness and joy into our lives, but the sad truth is that our precious four-legged pals don’t live nearly as long as we want them to. While we can’t guarantee them eternal life, there are certain things that we can do to ensure that they live long and happy lives.

1. Feed a healthy and balanced diet

It is very important that you feed your dog or cat a healthy, well balanced diet. Proper nutrition is key to extending your pet’s health and preventing a number of conditions such as allergies, diabetes, arthritis or obesity.

Many pet owners still feed their dogs or cats commercial dried food which is very convenient, but contains preservatives, additives, flavourants and loads of fillers – all of which is not good for your pet’s health!

However, as people are becoming more health conscious and aware of the toxins in food, they are changing to a natural diet for their dog or cat.

Try DoggoBone Raw Active Food for dogs, a completely raw diet which consists of finely ground meat, organ meat, fresh veggies, fruit and garden herbs. There is also natural cooked food which consists of chicken, meat, grains, veggies and freshly picked herbs from the Vondi’s range for cats and dogs. Both these foods are convenient and frozen (just pop into your freezer and defrost when needed!) and available from Feelgood Health at Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake Business Park, Cape Town or call 021 797 0193 for more information)

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2. Exercise regularly   

Provide regular exercise to keep your pet active and healthy. Exercise is an essential component of a healthy lifestyle for both cats and dogs. It not only keeps them fit but also helps to stimulate them mentally.

Take your dog for daily walks, play Frisbee with them and encourage swimming. Cats need exercise too, so make sure that you give them toys to chase or provide food puzzles to play with and keep them entertained.

3. Manage your pet’s weight

Many dogs and cats are susceptible to weight gain which can lead to obesity. This is  detrimental to their overall health.

Make sure that you are feeding your pet the correct portion sizes and not giving them too many titbits from the table. A healthy diet and regular exercise will help to manage your pet’s weight and keep it under control.
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4.  Regular dental care

Oral care is vital for our four-legged friends and can actually extend their lifespan if their teeth are taken care of properly. 

Poor dental care can cause periodontal disease, tooth decay and cracked or fractured teeth. These has been linked to many health issues such as heart, kidney and liver problems.

Take your dog and cat for regular dental cleanings and brush their teeth often to prevent dental problems.  There is also a wide range of dental chews and toys available for dogs and cats to keep their teeth healthy and clean.

5. Neuter or spay your pet

Neutering and spaying your pet will also ensure that they live a long and healthy life. Female dogs and cats who are spayed have lower incidents of breast cancer and uterine infections while neutering male dogs will prevent testicular cancer.

When female dogs and cats are spayed, they won’t go into heat and intact males won’t roam away from home looking to find a mate or get into any fights.

Neutered cats and dogs are also better behaved and less prone to behavioural problems.  
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6. Keep toxic items out of reach

Pets are like young children – if you don’t watch them, they will get into anything and everything! Keep chemicals and toxic household items such as detergents, pesticides, fertilisers or paint away from dogs and cats as they can be harmful to them.

Certain household plants such as lilies and poinsettias are also poisonous to cats. For this reason, it is important that you watch your pets carefully and keep harmful substances tightly locked away. 

7. Regular vet check-ups

Keep your pet’s health in tip top shape by scheduling regular vet check-ups.  Consult a holistic vet who can help you to manage your dog or cat’s health in a more natural way and consider alternatives to prescription veterinary medicine when possible.
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8. Supplement with natural remedies

Treat your pet naturally by supplementing with natural remedies from the Feelgood Pets range.

Strengthen your pet’s immune system with Immunity and Liver Support, a herbal remedy which also acts as a general tonic and helps with quick recovery after illness.

Pets with joint conditions such as arthritis will benefit from MobiLive Pets which will reduce stiffness and improve mobility. Use PetCalm to reduce stress and anxiety in pets and keep them relaxed and calm.

By incorporating these useful tips into your precious pet’s daily life you will increase their longevity and ensure many more happy, healthy years together!
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