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Feelgood Health has formulated more than 200 herbal, homeopathic and aromatherapy natural medicines for adults, children, babies and even the family pet (in our Feelgood Pets range).

We also feature hand picked products from selected ranges of nutritional, & vitamin supplements as well as other health products & foods which meet our standards and which can be used to great benefit along with our natural medicines. 

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View all 'Flu remedies for children 'Flu remedy Abscess Acid Reflux Acne Adaptogen ADD ADHD Adrenal fatigue Adrenal tonic Adult ADHD African Black Soap African Soul Set African wildflower bath salts ALA Alkaliser Allergies AllisOne Allisone Arthro Synergy Allisone Beauty Synergy Allisone Bioplasma AllisOne Calc Phos Allisone Calc. Flour no. 1 AllisOne Ferrum Phos Allisone Immuno Synergy Allisone Osteo Synergy Allisone Pure Synergy Allisone Rescue Synergy Allisone Tissue Salts Alzheimer's Amber beads for teething babies Amber teething necklaces Anaemia Anti-aging Anti-Aging Foods Anti-aging Lucuma Powder Anti-aging oil Anti-inflammatory foods Anxiety Appetite Control Apple Cider Vinegar Apple Cider Vinegar with the mother Apricot Kernels Argan Oil Arnica Aromatherapy Arthritis Asthma Athlete's foot Babies Baby Baby Colic Baby Eczema Baby Flu Remedy Baby Sleep Bad breath BaniFlu Baobab Oil Bath Bombs Bath Oils Bath Salts Beard balm Beard products Beauty without Cruelty Beauty Products Bedsores Bedwetting Big Tree Sceletium BigTree Sutherlandia capsules Biolife Alkaline Base Powder Black Cumin Oil Black Cumin Oil Capsules Black soap Bladder infection Blood conditions Blood Pressure Blood sugar Body Odour (BO) Boils Bone health BPH brain food Brain health Brain Tonic Brain vitamins Breastfeeding BrightSpark Brittle nails Bronchitis Burner oils Burns Calcium Calicivirus Cancerbush Candida Cane sugar alternative Canine Parvovirus Carrier Oils cat 'flu cat diabetes Cat diarrhea Cat vomiting Cat with blocked nose Cats sneezing and coughing Cellulite Chaga Mushroom Chaga Mushroom Powder Chaga Mushroom tea Chamomile Tea Charcoal pucks for burning raw incense resin Chemical free hair die Chemical free hair dye Chemical free lip balms Chest rub Chia Seeds Child sleep Childhood Eczema Children Children's Immunity Cholesterol Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Cleansing Co-enzyme Q10 Co-Q10 Coconut blossom sugar Coconut butter Coconut Oil Coconut oil for oil pulling Coconut oil for skin and hair care Cold sores Cold sores in the nose Colds & 'flu Colic Colloidal Silver Concentration Conditioner for beard Constipation Convalescence Cracked lips treatment Cramps Cream for Eczema Cream for Psoriasis Crede Organic Black Cumin Oil Crede Organic Cconut Oil Odourless Crede Organic Cold Pressed Extra Virgin Olive Oil Crede Organic Sesame Oil Crede Organic Sweet Almond Oil Cruelty free beauty products Daily Tissue Salt Tonic Decongestant Depression Dermatitis Detox Diabetes Diabetic friendly sugar substitute Diarrhea Digestion Digestive teas Dizziness Dog Arthritis Natural Treatment dog diabetes Don Quai Drug Withdrawal Dry lips treatment Du Du Drops DuDu Drops Ear candles Ear candles to unblock ears Eczema Eczema treatment Endometriosis Energy Energy foods Epilepsy Essential oils Ethical beauty products Ethical Gifts Eucalyptus oil Eucalyptus oil for colds & 'flu Eucalyptus oil for natural lice treatment Eucalyptus oil for sinusitis Eucalyptus oil to get rid of house mites Eye infections Fall pregnant Fatigue Feelgood Health Du Du Drops Feelgood Health DuDu Drops Feline enteritis Female libido Fertility (Men) Fertility (Women) fibroids First Aid Flax Seed oil Flax Seed Oil for Animals Flax Seed Oil for cats Flax Seed Oil for Dogs Flax Seed Oil for Horses Flax Seed Oil for Pets Flower essence Flower essences Focus Formula Foods for Longevity Frog in the throat' Fungal infection Gifts GIRD Glucosamine Goji berries Gold of the Incas Gout Guillain-Barre Syndrome (GBS) Gundusha Haemorrhoids Hair Hair loss Halitosis Hangover Hay fever Health benefits of Raw Honey Health shakes Health snacks Health supplements Healthy sugar substitute Heart health Heartburn Help baby sleep Help for acid reflux Help for arthritis Help for Athlete's Foot Help for Candida Help for gout help for heartburn Help for indigestion Help for Itchy Skin Help for thrush Hemp Hemp oil for dry lips Hemp Seed Henna Herb tea for bladder infections Herbal cleansing tea Herbal detox tea Herbal hair dye Herbal immune system stimulants herbal medicine to fall pregnant Herbal remedy for babies to sleep Herbal remedy for concentration Herbal Slimming Herbal Tea for Cold & 'Flu Herbal tea for men's health Herbal tea for menopause Herbal tea for PMS & menstrual cramps Herbal tea for stress Herbal Tea to help children sleep Herbal Tea to help you sleep Herbal teas Herbl remedy for high cholesterol Herbs for sex drive Herbs for the Immune System Hiccoughs Hiccups High blood pressure High cholesterol Homeopathic medicine for cats with cat 'flu Homeopathic remedy for 'flu Homeopathic remedy for hyperactive children Homeopathic remedy for teething babies Homeopathic vaccine for 'flu Homocysteine modulators Honey for colds & 'flu Honey for sore throats Honey to boost immunity Honey with the honeycomb in Horse arthritis natural treatment Hot flashes Hot spots Hot spots in dogs How does amber help teething babies How to do oil pulling How to get my baby to sleep How to help my beard to grow How to help my child concentrate How to maintain alkaliity in the body How to maintain the correct pH in the body How to make a natural lice shampoo How to reduce acidity in the body How to treat itchy skin in dogs How to unblock ears with ear candles How to use a menstrual cup How to use ear candles How to wash pesticides from fruit & vegetables Hyperactivity Hypertension IBS Immune system Immune system boosters for children Immunity Increase sperm count Indigestion Insect bites Insomnia Iron Supplement Itchy skin Itchy Skin Cats Itchy Skin Dogs Itchy Skin Rash Cats Itchy Skin Rash Dogs Jaundice Jock itch Joint pain Kali Mur Tissue Salts Kali Phos Tissue Salt No 6 Kali Sulph Tissue Salt No 7 Kankerbos Kavala Kennel Cough Kidney Stones Kidneys Kosher Omega 3-6-9 L-Carnitine Lactation lactose intolerance Laetrile Lavish all-natural Sweet Dreams Nourishing Night Cream Lavish Beautiful Day All-Natural Face Cream Lavish Smooth Operator Natural Body Cream Lavish The Ex-Factor Natural Skin Exfoliator Laxative Lifematrfix Raw Vegan Protein Powder Lifematrix Pea and Hemp Protein Powder Liver Liver detox Liver Supplement Local beauty products Longevity Longevity supplements Low chemical hair dye Maca Root Powder Mag Phos Tissue Salt No 8 Magnesium Magnesium bath salts Magnesium oil Magnesium spray Male libido Massage oils ME Meal replacement Meal replacement shakes Medicinal Mushrooms Meditation tea Memory tonic Meniere's Disease Menopause Menstrual cramps Menstrual cup Metabolic syndrome Milk Thistle Supplement Mood tonic Mouth ulcers in cats MSM Mucous Multivitamins Muscle cramps Muscle cramps in pregnancy Muscle pain Music therapy Nail biting Nail fungus Nasal polyps Nat Mur Tissue Salt No 9 Nat Phos Tissue Salt No 10 Nat Sulph Tissue Salt No 11 natura;l alternatives to blood pressure mediciation Natural & organic lip balms Natural anti-biotic for children Natural anti-depressant Natural anti-inflammatory Natural antibiotic Natural bath products Natural bath salts Natural beard balm Natural beauty products Natural birth Natural Cancer Treatment Natural cramp relief Natural Gifts Natural hair colouring Natural hair dye Natural healthy sugar substitute Natural help for anxiety Natural help for depression Natural help for drug withdrawal Natural help for hyperactive children Natural help for teething babies Natural help to stop drinking Natural help to stop smoking Natural HRT Natural lip treatments natural medicine for ADHD Natural medicine for concentration Natural Organic Baby Bum Cream Natural organic skin products Natural remedy for ADHD Natural remedy for babies to sleep Natural remedy for baby colic Natural remedy for baby sleep Natural remedy for concentration Natural remedy for dogs and cats with diabetes natural remedy for high blood pressure Natural remedy for Hyperactive children Natural remedy for hyperactivity Natural sleep medicine for babies Natural sleep remedy for babies Natural teething remedy Natural treatment arthritis Natural treatment for 'flu Natural treatment for acid reflux Natural treatment for ADHD Natural treatment for allergies Natural treatment for babies allergies Natural treatment for babies with blocked noses Natural treatment for calicivirum in cats Natural treatment for cat 'flu Natural treatment for children's allergies Natural Treatment for Chronic Fatigue Syndrome Natural treatment for depression Natural treatment for diabetes Natural treatment for dogs and cats with diabetes Natural treatment for growing pains Natural treatment for Guillain-Barre Syndrome natural treatment for heartburn Natural treatment for heartburn in pregnancy Natural treatment for high blood pressure Natural treatment for high cholesterol Natural treatment for indigestion Natural treatment for itchy skin cats natural treatment for itchy skin in dogs natural treatment for metabolic syndrome natural treatment for Snuffles in Cats Natural treatment for teething babies Natural treatment for wrinkles Natural treatment gout Natural worm medicine for dogs and cats Neem Oil Night terrors Nightmares Non-constipating iron supplement Nose sores OCD Oedema Oil pulling Oil pulling for detox Oil to remove scars Oily skin Omega 3 Omega 3-6-9 Omega Fatty Acids Online Gifts Organic Apple Cider Vinegar Organic beard balm Organic Black Cumin Oil Organic breakfast cereal Organic chai tea Organic Chia Seeds Organic coconut oil Organic cooking oils Organic Frankincense incense Organic Fruit & Veg Spray Organic Goji berries Organic Green Shake Organic green tea Organic hair dye Organic Hemp Seed Protein Powder Organic herbal teas Organic honey Organic incense Organic Maca Root Powder Organic myrrh incense Organic myrrh incense resin Organic Neem Oil Organic Olive Oil Organic Omega 3-6-9 Organic Peanut Oil Organic protein shakes Organic raw frankincense resin Organic Sesame Oil Organic soap Organic sugar Oscilicoccinum Osteoporosis Panic attacks Panleukopenia PCOS Peanut Oil for Asian stir fry cooking Period pains Pet adrenal Pet Aggression Pet allergies Pet anal glands Pet anxiety Pet arthritis Pet bladder UTI Pet cancer Pet coughing Pet diatomaceous earth Pet ear infections Pet ear mites Pet epilepsy Pet flatulence Pet flea bite cream pet flea control Pet heart tonic Pet Immune System Tonic Pet immunity Pet incontinence Pet itchy skin Pet liver problems Pet multi-vitamins Pet respiratory Pet seizures Pet Skin Health Pet Worms Petroleum free lip balm Pets natural flea control pH balance Piles Plant based protein powder Plant source of ALA Plant source of Omega 3's PMS Powdered Vitamin C Pregnancy Pregnancy Multivitamin Supplement Prenatal Viamins Prevent osteoporosis Probiotics Products made from hemp Prostate Psoriasis Psoriasis treatment Pure Organic Argan Oil Raspberry leaf tea Raw breakfast cereal Raw cake ingredients Raw Chocolate recipe Raw chocolate sauce recipe Raw honey Raw Shea Butter Raw vegan chocolate recipe Reduce wrinkles Remove pesticides from fruit & vegetables Remove wrinkles Rescue remedy Rescue remedy (children) Respiratory Restless legs Ring worm treatment Rosehip Oil Scar reduction Sceletium tortuosum Sciatica seizures Sex aid (women) sex drive Sex drive women Shaving rash Shea Butter Shyness Silicea Tissue Salt No 12 SilverLab Ionized Colloidal Silver Sinusitis Skin Skin booster Skin health Skin spray Skin Tonic Sleep Sleep drops for children Sleepy Sprinkles Sleepy Tea Slimming Snuffles in cats Soap for acne Soap for eczema Soap for psoriasis Soil Essential Oils Soil Eucalyptus Essential Oil Soil Organic Citronella Oil Soil Organic Essential Oils Soil Organic Grapefruit Essential Oil Soil Organic Rose Geranium Essential Oil Soil Organic Rosehip Oil Soil Organic Shea Butter Soil Spearmint Essential Oil Solgar Solgar Advanced Acidophil Solgar Advanced AcidoPhilus Solgar Calcium Ascorbate Crystals Solgar Chelated Zinc Supplement Solgar Digestive Enzymes Solgar EPA/GLA Solgar Ester C Solgar Formula VM 2000 Solgar Glucosamine Solgar Glucosamine Chondroitin MSM Solgar Hematinic Formula Solgar Homocysteine Modulators Solgar Iron Supplement Solgar Kangavites Solgar L-Carnitine Solgar Magnesium Plus Boron Solgar Megasorb B-Complex Solgar Milk Thistle Supplement Solgar MSM Solgar Multivitamin Solgar Nutri-Nano CoQ-10 Solgar Omega 3 & 6 Solgar Omega 3-6-9 Solgar Prenatal Nutrients Solgar Skin Nails & Hair Formula Solgar Turmeric Root Extract Solgar Ultimate Bone Support Solgar Vitamin D3 400 IU Solgar Vitamin D3 South Africa Sore throat Spirulina Spirulina powder Sport massage sore muscles Sports shakes vegan Sports snacks Sports supplements St John's Wort Still Pure Stop cracked heels Stop Smoking Stress Stretch marks Study Aid Sugar cravings Superfoods Superfoods Black Maca Powder Superfoods breakfast Superfoods Organic Black Mulberries Superfoods Organic Lucuma Powder Superfoods Organic Spirulina Superfoods Organic White Mulberries Superfoods raw organic cacao butter Superfoods raw organic cacao powder Superfoods Super Chia Breakfast (Chocolate) Superfoods Super Chia Breakfast (Vanilla) Superfoods Super Snack Berry Burst Superfoods Trail Blaze Super Snack Superfoods Vanilla Mesquite SuperShake Supplement for depression Supplement for heart health Supplement for hormonal health Supplements for children Sutherlandia frutescens Sweating Sweet Almond Oil Sweet Orange Essential Oil Taka Organic Turmeric Capsules Tea for sore throats Tea Tree Oil Tearfulness Teething Tension Throat congestion Thrush Thyroid Tics Tinnitus Tired skin Tissue Salt Number 1 Tissue Salts Tissue salts for allergies Tissue salts for anxiety Tissue salts for anxious children Tissue Salts for bone growth & repair Tissue salts for colds & 'flu Tissue salts for detox Tissue salts for diabetes Tissue salts for growing pains in children Tissue salts for kidney health Tissue Salts for menopause Tissue salts for metabolic Syndrome Tissue salts for pregnancy Tissue salts for stress Tissue salts for teething babies Tissue salts for teething babies Tissue salts during pregnancy Tissue salts for weightloss Tonsillitis Traditional Aztec drink of the gods Treating high blood pressure naturally Treatment for high cholesterol Treatment for itchy skin Tree of Life Argan Oil Turmeric capsules with black pepper Turmeric Root Supple Turmeric Root Supplement Turmeric supplement Unprocessed honey Uric acid build up UTI Vaginal thrush Varicose veins Vegan source of Omega 3 Vegan 3-6-9 Omega Oil Vegan body building protein powder Vegan breakfast cereal Vegan butter substitute Vegan cooking oil Vegan friendly beauty products Vegan health smoothies Vegan protein powder Vegan protein source Vegetarian protein powder Vegetarian protein source Vertigo Vitamin B Complex Vitamin B17 Vitamin C Vitamin C Supplement Vitamin D3 Vitamin supplement for children Water birth Water retention Wazoogles Chocolate Moondust Wazoogles Protein Shake Weight loss Weightloss What are ear candles What is a menstrual cup Wheat free breakfast cereal Wheat intolerance Where can I buy Du Du Drops Where can I buy DuDu Drops Whey-free protein powder Which tissue salts to use for allergies Which tissue salts to use for colds and 'flu Wintergreen Worms Yeast infection Yogi Lime Mint Tea Yogi Organic Ginger Lemon tea Yogi Organic Tea Yogi Organic tea RELAX Yogi Organic teas - The Finest Selection Yogi Organic Throat Comfort Tea Yogi Tea Stomach Ease Yogi Women's Energy tea Yuppy 'Flu Zinc supplement