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Baltic Amber Pet Necklace - soothes sore & inflamed joints

Original Price R 280.00
Current Price R 224.00

Cognac Amber pet necklace

  • Naturally soothes sore and swollen joints
  • Reduces inflammation in the animal's body
  • These Baltic Amber Pet Necklaces are light and comfortable to wear, while giving your fur baby that extra stylish edge
  • Raw, unpolished amber is known to be effective in repelling ticks and fleas (will not have an effect on an animal that is already fully infested with ticks and fleas)
  • Comes in different sizes, choose between: 25cm / 35cm / 45cm / 55cm

How can an amber necklace help your pet?

Baltic amber has been used for thousands of years for its beauty and healing properties. Although the exact process of how Baltic Amber aids against inflammation and pain is unclear, it is thought that when Baltic amber warms against the skin, it creates an electromagnetic field and releases succinic acid, a natural healing oil that aids against inflammation and pain. This makes Baltic amber a wonderful natural solution for pets suffering from joint problems and arthritis! Baltic amber is also referred to as an Adaptogen, which aids in the body's ability to deal with changes in the environment and stress. 

Directions for use

PLEASE NOTE! This is an item of pet jewelry and is a pet necklace, rather than a collar. It should NOT be used as a collar, to restrain a pet or tugged on as this may cause it to break. 

The amber pet necklace is worn around your pet's neck and the beads are NOT for chewing and sucking! The healing and pain relieving process takes place when the amber beads warm against your pet's skin.

The pet necklace needs to be worn for at least 6 weeks continuously to be effective.

Do not use harsh detergents on your Baltic amber pet necklace. Simply rinse with warm water to clean and dry with a soft dry cloth. You can also rub the beads with a little olive oil to restore shine if needed. 

Please note: Due to the nature of this product, each amber pet necklace is slightly different - no two are exactly the same!