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Crede Organic Sweet Almond Oil (100ml): Skin Radiance & Health!

R 46.00

Crede Sweet Almond Oil: With Vitamin E for Skin Health!

  • Excellent source of topical Vitamin E to enhance skin health
  • Helps to moisturise your skin and restore radiance, due to its emollient and highly nourishing properties. 
  • Reduces dark circles and bags under the eyes
  • Use at night as a face oil or as a carrier oil for massage (add your favourite organic essential oils for aromatherapy properties!) 
  • Helps to prevent and reduce stretch marks and scars
  • Traditionally used to prevent ear ache
  • Also wonderful as a scalp massage oil to condition and encourage hair growth
  • Organic Certified & Vegan Friendly (no pesticides, preservatives or other harmful chemicals)
  • Made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!
Crede Sweet Almond Oil: With Vitamin E for Skin Health!

Crede Sweet Almond Oil - Concentrated Vitamin E from the heart of the almond kernel!

Sweet Almond Oil has been traditionally used for many years for a range of skin benefits, due to the highly nourishing vitamin content of the oil. Whether you use Sweet Almond Oil on your face for skin health & radiance, under your eyes to reduce dark circles, to reduce scars and stretch marks, as a traditional ear ache remedy, hair tonic or simply as a massage medium, make sure that you use an organic Sweet Almond Oil like this one from Crede. 

Why we love Crede Sweet Almond Oil

We love Crede Organic Sweet Almond Oil because it is certified organic (meaning you get all the health benefits without the harmful chemicals) and because it is made locally, thereby reducing YOUR carbon footprint! Good for you. Good for the Planet too!