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BrainShine - Natural Remedy for Peak Brain Health!

R 252.00

Be your best with BrainShine for Better Brain Health! (60 vegan capsules)

Do you need something to help you with concentration and stress? Is your memory failing you? Do you feel like your brain needs some help? BrainShine can help, naturallY! Ideal for business executives, students, stressed individuals & those with age-related memory problems
  • Boosts brain health and functioning & gives you a mental 'edge'
  • Increases mental alertness, concentration and the ability to stay focused
  • Improves memory and reduces forgetfulness and 'brain fog'
  • Improves the ability to cope under pressure, making it easier to multi-task without losing performance
  • Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist to assist with Adult ADHD
  • Locally manufactured to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!
  • Buy 3 Get 1 FREE available on this product! 
BrainShine - Natural Herbal Remedy for Students and Career People looking for that Mental Edge


    Giving yourself that 'mental edge'!

    Are you a busy business executive climbing the corporate ladder? Perhaps you are a student, studying late nights to prepare for your exams and get somewhere in life? Maybe you are a person struggling to deal with career and family and feeling as though it is all becoming too much? Or perhaps you are middle aged or older and finding yourself becoming forgetful, not able to remember certain words or losing your short term memory? Does this sound like you?

    Are you doing your best, but feeling like your best just isn't good enough? We live in a competitive world. Information is changing all the time and coming at us from all directions. It can get difficult to stay on top of your game and keep ahead, without burning out. 

    While we can't all have a brain like Einstein, there is much that can be done to improve brain health and functioning! We all know that diet, exercise and lifestyle make a difference to overall health as well as brain functioning - but what if there was a way to further enhance our powers of concentration, ability to focus, retain information, stay alert and perform well - even when under stress and pressure? 

    Many people use stimulants like caffeine or even so-called 'natural' stimulants like Taurine and Guarana, to try and stay awake and stay ahead. Some people even use prescription drugs like Ritalin for Adult ADHD (sometimes illegally!) to try and stay focused. However, although they can provide temporary help, stimulants and prescription drugs come with unwanted side effects and can also contribute to burn out - just when you least need it! Think about it - you can't keep on sharpening a pencil forever, can you?

    How can BrainShine help?

    Recognizing the need for a natural remedy to boost brain health and functioning, we developed BrainShine, a 100% herbal remedy containing natural ingredients and manufactured in therapeutic dosage according to the highest pharmaceutical standards. BrainShine has been formulated by our Clinical Psychologist as an effective brain tonic to improve concentration, mental alertness, memory and the ability to stay on top, without the risk of brain drain and burnout. In addition, BrainShine brings you the ability to do your best, even when working under pressure or when you are stressed!

    Used regularly, along with a healthy diet and lifestyle, BrainShine can make all the difference to your coping abilities and help you to achieve and do your best - without compromising health. BrainShine can help you get ahead and stay ahead! 

    How has BrainShine helped others?

    'I haven't felt this sharp since I dont know when!I also note that I feel much calmer since I started using Brainshine and things don't hassle me so much' - Esther

    'I used to forget words, names etc and this is definitely much much improved. If you asked me what I did yesterday I would usually battle to remember - not any more!' - Jeremy

    'I am studying and working and both are very stressful. I have to work late at night to pursue my academic work and then get up early and go to a busy and stresfull job. I realize this isn't ideal but I am prepared to make sacrifices to achieve my goals! After I was told the effects of multiple cups of coffee on my health, I started using Brainshine as recommended. It is a fantastic remedy and I can recommend it to anyone. I am much more alert and don't find myself reading the same thing over and over without absorbing anything. I also feel less stressed about everything, while at the same time very clear and alert.' - Pat


    Centella asiatica, Rosmarinus officinalis, Panax ginseng, Vegan capsule

      Western Herbal Medicine: The ingredients in this remedy are traditionally used to support brain health, circulation, the ability to cope with stress and to enhance mental & physical performance. Like all Feelgood Health products, BrainShine has been prepared according to the highest pharmaceutical standards and supervised by our Clinical Psychologist. All ingredients are in accordance with correct therapeutic dosage and the combinations of herbs chosen ensures maximum effectiveness with minimum side effects. This means that you can be sure that you are getting the remedy that you need.

      How do I use BrainShine?

      BrainShine comes in convenient veggie capsule form. 

      Adults and teenagers over 16: Take two capsules twice a day. 
      Teenagers 12 - 15:  Take one capsule twice a day.

      Note: As the ingredients in BrainShine encourage mental alertness, this remedy is best taken at least 4 hours before going to sleep. 

      Caution: Safety during pregnancy & breastfeeding has not been established. Keep this, and all medicines, out of reach of children. 

      The Natural Way

      Natural medicine always encourages a holistic approach for best results. Here are some holistic health tips which you can follow, along with using BrainShine, to support brain and overall health.

      • Eat a healthy diet, including unprocessed, preferably organic food and as much fresh fruit and veggies as you can
      • Certain foods help to support brain health. These include oily fish such as salmon and sardines, as well as nuts, berries, avocado pears, tomatoes, whole grains and broccoli. 
      • Supplement with Omega 3 to improve memory and general brain health
      • Regular exercise improves all round health, as well as circulation, allowing a healthy supply of blood, oxygen and nutrients to the brain
      • Make sure you take regular time out to relax and give your brain and body a chance to rest.
      • Keep your brain busy. This is important, especially for older people. Research has found that people who stay mentally active have better memory and brain functioning. read books, do crosswords, take part in social activities, play cards - but keep that brain working!

      Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness

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