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Dogs vs Aliens (Chief Science Officer Dr Zoosk) Dog Toy

Original Price R 145.00
Current Price R 72.50
  • The Chief Science Officer is from the 'Dog's vs Aliens' dog toy range & he is responsible for research, hygiene and development on the space ship
  • Made from durable material with a rope 'arm', the Chief Science Officer, despite his imposing character, can be thrown around easily
  • This sturdy and fun dog toy is perfect for throw and fetch games
  • Hardy rope arm and strong fabric also make him a good 'chewing' companion!
  • Satisfies your dog's chewing instinct without ruining your furniture and shoes!
  • The perfect gift for your special canine friend!
  • Made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

About the Dogs vs Aliens range

This is a story about Planet Chew-Chew and Planet Earth! The Chewy Army and millions of Chewy citizens long for an escape from their hot desert-like home. Earth seems to be a good option!  Collect the whole crew and let YOUR pooch command the fleet!