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Make Money from Home with the Feelgood Health Affiliate Program!

What is the Feelgood Health Affiliate Program?

Earn 20% commission on sales generated by means of ONE (or more) of the following:

1. Facebook
2. Twitter
3. Blogs
4. Websites
5. or even simply via email!

No need to hold stock! It's easy - and set up after approval is absolutely FREE (no start up costs)

By joining our Affiliate Program and obtaining your unique affiliate ID number (we'll tell you how), you will be provided with the necessary tools that will allow you to generate links and thus benefit from sales straight from e-mailers, or a facebook page, or anywhere you post online!

The affiliate program allows you to list any of our products (from either range), using a link and your unique affiliate number so that we can track your sales. You then earn commission from all the sales you generate through the program!

Does it cost anything to become an Affiliate?

No, there are no fees of any kind for applying to and participating in the Feelgood Health Affiliates Program. Simply enter your email at the bottom of the page or email affiliates@feelgoodhealth.co.za to find out more

What if I don't have a website or blog?

No Problem! If you have a Facebook account you may use that, or you can create a Facebook business page connected to your personal Facebook account. You may even choose to create a completely separate Facebook page for your new venture. many of our affiliates make money simply by sending links to friends and family via email! Nothing could be easier!

What are the benefits?

We pay market-leading commissions on product sales (20%). You'll automatically be eligible to earn commission for sales generated by your referrals. You'll always have access to your earnings and traffic reports through our online affiliate member’s tool.

The reports will show you:

  • What your visitors are buying
  • How much they are buying
  • What your earnings are on those purchases!

With this information, you can optimize your store/campaign and make the most of your relationship with us. We pay out monthly (if over R250 accumulated) to keep the cash flowing!

Love pets?

As an affiliate of ours you can promote our Feelgood Pets range as well - an extensive range of 100% natural remedies for dogs, cats and horses.

Interested in becoming an affiliate?

We’re keen for you to join us! To start the process, simply enter your email at the bottom of the page or contact our trained staff via email at affiliates@feelgoodhealth.co.za or telephonically on (021) 797 0193 – available Monday to Friday 8am to 5pm.

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