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AnemiCare - Natural remedy assists iron absorption/prevents anaemia

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Homeopathic Remedy to support the iron absorption process in the body!

  • Supports the routine production of haem (the iron-containing protein) used to make heamoglobin
  • Encourages iron absorption from food and iron supplements in the diet
  • Encourages the supply of oxygen to all cells
  • Supports myoglobin, a protein that helps supply oxygen to muscle, and present in enzymes that assist biochemical reactions in cells
  • Maintains strong, healthy bones
  • Safe for all ages, including during pregnancy & breastfeeding
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        Feed your blood

        Iron is an essential mineral - an important component of proteins involved in oxygen transport and metabolism in the body. Hemoglobin is the protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen to your body’s tissues and hemoglobin contains almost two-thirds of the iron content in your body.

        Smaller amounts of iron are found in myoglobin, a protein that helps supply oxygen to muscle, and in enzymes that assist biochemical reactions in cells. Your body usually maintains normal iron status by controlling the amount of iron absorbed from food. About 15 percent of your body’s iron is stored for future needs and released into the body system when the body does not get enough iron from food. The remainder is in your body’s tissues as part of proteins that help your body function.

        On the whole, healthy children, adult men and post-menopausal women lose very little iron except through loss of blood. However women with heavy monthly periods, or those with pre-existing conditions can lose significant amounts of iron. Iron absorption refers to the amount of dietary iron that your body obtains from food. Healthy adults absorb about 15% of the iron in their diet, but your actual absorption is influenced by your body’s iron stores, the type of iron in the diet, and by other dietary factors that either help or hinder iron absorption. The greatest influence on iron absorption is the amount stored in your body. Iron absorption significantly increases when body stores are low. When iron stores are high, absorption decreases to help protect against iron overload.

        There are two forms of dietary iron. The first is heme iron. Heme iron is absorbed very efficiently by your body and is found in meat, fish, and poultry. The second kind of dietary iron is nonheme iron. This type of iron is found in plants such as lentils and beans. Nonheme iron is not as well absorbed as heme iron. Flours, cereals, and grain products that are enriched or fortified with iron are good dietary sources of nonheme iron. The addition of iron to infant formulas, cereals, and grain products has been credited with improving the iron status of millions of infants, children, and women.

        Anemia is a condition in which the number of red blood cells in the body is too low. This may be caused by a number of factors, including a deficiency of iron in the diet – as iron is needed to produce red blood cells. Some people have difficulty in absorbing iron from dietary or supplementary sources, even when following a healthy, balanced diet. Adequate red blood cell production depends on the healthy functioning of the kidneys and bone marrow, the body’s ability to absorb and store iron as well as a healthy balanced diet. People who are anemic may present with many problems, most commonly including fatigue, concentration difficulties, depression, low blood pressure, paleness, heart murmurs, chest pain or dizziness.

        The natural way

        Dietary factors can significantly improve iron absorption and meat proteins and vitamin C will improve the absorption of iron. Diets that include a minimum of 5 servings of fruits and vegetables daily should provide plenty of vitamin C to boost iron absorption, while in contrast tannins found in non-herbal teas, caffeine, found in coffee and cola drinks and alcohol can all decrease the absorption of iron. Most healthy individuals can maintain normal iron levels when the diet provides a wide variety of foods (from each food group). It is most important to include foods that enhance iron absorption when total daily iron intake does not meet the RDA, when iron losses are exceptionally high, or when no iron is usually consumed. Also, adequate sleep and regular exercise will go a long way to combat decreased energy- often present when iron levels are low.

        How can AnemiCare help?

        Anemicare is a safe, non-addictive FDA registered natural remedy, containing 100% homeopathic ingredients especially selected by a team of experts in the field of natural medicine to support the process of iron absorption in the body. It may be taken to assist the process of iron absorption from iron supplementation, or from iron-rich foods. Anemicare is taken internally and like all homeopathic remedies, stimulates the balancing forces of the body from within to promote systemic harmony without any troublesome side effects. Presented in small sucking tablet form, Anemicare is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives. It’s even safe for all ages – including pregnant women or those who may be breastfeeding!

        Note: Anemicare is especially formulated to assist with the absorption of dietary and supplementary iron and is not an iron substitute.


        Anemicare contains the following 100% homeopathic & tissue salt natural ingredients:

        Ferrum phosphoricum (D6) Ferrum phosphoricum, also called ferrum phos. or iron phosphate, is a mineral compound of iron and phosphorus. Both elements are present in the body independently; iron aids the exchange of oxygen in the blood, and phosphorus contributes to bone and muscle health. Ferrum phos. was introduced to homeopathy by Dr. Schussler, a German physician who believed that many ailments were caused by a deficiency of biochemic tissue salts. Homeopathic practitioners consider Ferrum phos. good for patients who suffer from conditions accompanied by low energy. Other symptoms helped by Ferrum phos. include a pale face that flushes easily, a weak and rapid pulse, and chills starting in the early afternoon. Those who may need this remedy tend to dislike meat and milk and crave caffeine.

        Calcarea phosphorica (D6) Proved in 1937 by Dr. Constantine Herring, this remedy was later chosen as a "Tissue Salt" by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler later in the nineteenth century. Those who would benefit from this remedy tend to succumb to emotional fatigue. Children who are ‘slow developers’ and may have more difficulty learning than others, typically benefit from Calc phos. Physically those that are easily fatigued, have brittle bones and teeth, and tend to become weak and tired after illness would find this ingredient supportive. Symptoms tend to worsen with overexertion.

        Ferrum metallicum (6C) Iron ore is found everywhere if not in mine-able quantities. It is the worlds second most common metal. In our bodies this element is essential in the formation of hemoglobin in red blood cells. This remedy was proved by Dr Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Individuals who lose their appetite very easily, become breathless, are pale in lips and face but flush easily would typically benefit from this ingredient.

        How has AnemiCare helped others?

        "Hi there! I am a doctor, and seven months pregnant with my first baby girl. My iron levels have always been low. I take iron supplements already, but this product has helped my body to carry out its job of absorbing iron… I’m not so tired or run down lately. I applaud you for a natural product that supports the body systemically from the inside out, and its got no serious side effects, just wonderful!” - Lindall

        "I have been a vegetarian for a year now. I have always disliked meat. I recently visited a dietician and she worked out a meal plan for me (I didn’t know that you could get iron from certain veggies!). Anyway, I have been taking iron supplements, but she suggested your product – cause it would support getting iron from the food I eat. Thanks for a great product!" – Jet

        "I often felt faint and had no energy. I went to my doctor who said my iron levels were low and that I was Anaemic. I started eating more meat and foods rich in iron, but wanted to do more… I found your site, and Anemicare – now I know I am doing all that I can to support my body!” - Kenny

        How do I use Anemicare?

        Suck four tablets in a clean mouth three times daily. Ensure adequate iron supplementation.

        Note: Anemicare is safe for all ages and during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

        Avoid strong mint flavored candy that may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

        Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

          Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.