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Crave-Rx - Naturally reduces cravings during nicotine & drug withdrawal (Buy 3 Get 1 FREE)

R 547.50

Natural remedy to help you kick the habit!

Crave-Rx Benefits:

  • Helps to reduce the physical craving for nicotine and other drugs
  • Helps to prevent depression, restlessness and anxiety often associated with nicotine and drug withdrawal
  • Stops sugar cravings and compensatory eating
  • Prevents demotivating weight gain and helps to burn fat
  • Reduces 'mental fog', concentration and memory problems associated with nicotine and drug withdrawal
  • FREE Stop Smoking E-Booklet with every purchase of Crave-Rx!
  • *Buy 3 Get 1 Free* Special Offer available for this product!

Crave-Rx - Naturally reduces nicotine cravings while you quit smoking


        What is Crave-Rx?

        Crave-Rx is a 100% natural herbal product especially designed by Clinical Psychologist, Michele Carelse, as part of the 'No More Smoking Program'. An ex-smoker herself, Michele tried many times to stop smoking and therefore understands how nicotine craving can over ride your desire to stop smoking and drive you back to the cigarettes. No matter how determined you are to kick the habit, the physical craving experienced in the first few weeks of nicotine or drug withdrawal can often lead to relapse.

        Crave-Rx Drops contain a unique combination of selected herbal ingredients to assist with the management of nicotine or drug craving, possibly due to their balancing effect on brain chemicals known to be associated with addiction. Containing herbs which have been clinically proven to reduce the craving for nicotine and other drugs, Crave-Rx Drops also contain herbs which will help to prevent the sugar cravings and compensatory overeating which often cause people to go back to cigarettes due to unwanted weight gain. Now you can safely stop smoking without gaining weight.


          Crave-Rx contains the following ingredients in our unique concentrated 100% herbal formula, manufactured according to Whole Herb Technology: 

          • Avena sativa - an excellent restorative and nutritious nerve tonic, which is also known to balance cholesterol levels and prevent insomnia, depression and anxiety. Avena sativa has been used by healers in India for centuries to treat opium addiction. Recent studies have suggested that it is just as effective in reducing the craving for nicotine, possibly by balancing levels of brain chemicals (e.g. acetylcholine) implicated in addiction.
          • Garcinia cambogia - Used for centuries in Ayurvedic medicine, this member of the citrus family is well known as a natural appetite suppressant and its active ingredient, Hydrocitric Acid (H.C.A) has been clinically demonstrated to assist with the burning of fat and the control of high triglyceride levels in the body. Garcinia cambogia is included in Crave-Rx Drops to prevent the sugar cravings and compensatory eating often associated with nicotine withdrawal and to prevent demotivating weight gain during this difficult withdrawal period.
          • Gotu Cola (Centella asiatica) - Also part of the Ayurvedic healing tradition, Gotu Cola has been well researched in recent times. Clinical studies demonstrate its effectiveness on concentration levels, memory and systemic circulation. Used to re-vitalize the brain and nervous system, improve memory and combat ageing, Gotu Cola helps to promote mental clarity, enhance memory and brain function and alleviate anxiety. This medicinal herb is so highly respected in Ayurvedic medicine for its effect on the mind, that it is even said to increase knowledge of Brahman - the supreme reality. Recent studies have suggested that Centella asiatica improves cerebral blood flow (CBF) and circulation in general, thereby allowing oxygen rich blood to penetrate deep into the brain. When trying to stop smoking, many people complain of memory and concentration problems and an inability to focus on their tasks. The inclusion of Gotu Cola in Crave-Rx Drops helps to keep you cognitively in top form!

            How have Crave-Rx Drops helped others?

            "Crave-Rx really works! As a veteran smoker and aspirant quitter I was constantly on some program or other to help me to kick the habit. Needless to say that my family had come to believe that I would never succeed. By nature I do not like to give up and so I kept trying, encouraged by my doctor who put me on one program after the other due to the terrible effect the cigarettes were having on my health. All of them contained nicotine in some form - tablets, sprays, gum, gel, patches, you name it! They all helped a bit, but as soon as I started to cut back on the products, I began to smoke again. When I read about your program and the fact that it contained no nicotine products I was prepared to give it a try, which was a good decision on my part as even my doctor was skeptical! I have not looked back and after 14 weeks I am using Crave-Rx only a few times a week. At first it was my lifesaver and I went everywhere with the bottle! Now I am using the drops less and less and can even go a whole day without once thinking of cigarettes. For a guy who smoked more than 20 a day for 15 years, I would say that is very impressive! - Mike G.

            "I can highly recommend Crave-Rx Drops along with the No More Smoking program. No other product has been so successful for me and believe me I have tried them all! To all the many smokers out there who are desperate to give up smoking, I want to say YOU CAN DO IT with the help of Crave Rx drops! I am the living proof and my children are over the moon with me for giving up cigarettes. My son says that now he can look forward to having children one day because they will have a healthy grandmother who doesn't smoke. Thank you for giving me back my health!"
            - Gerri

            "No other product has ever helped me like this one! Together with the Nicotonic these drops have literally saved my life. As any smoker knows, you decide to give up cigarettes with your head, but your body resists so much it send you running off to the store to buy cigarettes with some stupid excuse that you later regret! This time I stayed strong and all thanks to your wonder drops! I still use them every day and will continue until I no longer need them as you said - but it will be 8 weeks tomorrow and I am still going strong!" Fran

            How do I use Crave-Rx?

            Crave-Rx comes in a convenient concentrated tincture form and is available in 50 ml bottles. Simply dilute drops in a little water or juice and drink!

            From the first 3 - 6 weeks, use Crave-Rx Drops every four hours to prevent nicotine craving. Thereafter, use Crave-Rx Drops when needed to control nicotine cravings and ensure balanced mood.

            15 drops in approximately 1/4 glass of water, juice or milk every four hours or as needed.

            Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established.

            While Crave-Rx Drops are very helpful as a stand-alone aid to stop smoking, they are best used as part of the Complete 'No More Smoking Solution' which includes Crave-Rx Drops, Mindsoothe Capsules and Triple Complex Nico-tonic.

            Feelgood Tip: Taking up daily exercise, starting a yoga, dance or martial arts class or a new hobby will really help you to beat your addiction AND get healthy!

            Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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