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Foot Soak (Clay and Salt) | Pure Indigenous

R 89.00

Cleansing, detoxifying and balancing natural foot soak made with indigenous South African ingredients (200g)

  • A grounding mix of Bentonite clay, Kalahari salt and a blend of indigenous South African essential oils
  • The salt comes from one of the world’s most ancient inland underground salt pans in the semi-desert region of the Kalahari - the salt is totally natural and is not washed or refined, therefore containing all the essential natural minerals and trace elements
  • Salt has been used since ancient times to cleanse and balance negative energy, while the minerals contained therein are known to relieve stress, improve muscle and nerve function and well-being
  • The clay is made from volcanic ash which assists absorption of negatively charged ions, thereby detoxifying the body and improving skin and digestion
  • A blend of indigenous South African essential oils - African Bluegrass for its anti-inflammatory properties, African Wormwood for clearing and Cape Rose Geranium to relieve stress and anxiety


Bentonite Clay, Kalahari Salt, African Bluegrass Essential Oil, African Wormwood Essential Oil, Rose Geranium Essential Oil

How to use

Add 2 tablespoons of Foot Soak to a tub of lukewarm water. Place your feet into the tub and sit back and relax, allowing the release of toxins and beneficial mineral replenishment. Pop a towel over the top of the tub to keep the water warm for longer and allow the feet to benefit from the aromatic vapours.

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