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HaliTonic - Natural homeopathic remedy for bad breath (halitosis) (Buy 3 Get 1 FREE)

R 526.50

Homeopathic Remedy to reduce bad breath (halitosis) and cleanse the system

  • Cleanses toxins and bacteria from the mouth and digestive tract
  • Treats the underlying causes of halitosis and bad breath
  • Reduces bad breath and unpleasant tastes in the mouth
  • Assists with the treatment of gum disease (not a substitute for dental care)
  • Improves all putrefactive conditions in the body - e.g. halitosis, gassy bowels, foul smelling stools and mucous infections
  • Safe for all ages, during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • *Buy 3 Get 1 Free* Special Offer available for this product!

HaliTonic - Natural homeopathic remedy for halitosis (bad breath)


        What causes Halitosis (bad breath)?

        While bad breath or halitosis may sometimes be caused by poor oral hygiene, there may also be other underlying causes which contribute to bad breath and are often difficult to treat, despite all efforts to follow a healthy mouth and teeth cleaning routine. This can cause great distress and even result in problems with relationships and difficulties in the workplace.

        There are a number of causes of bad breath, including:

        • Poor oral hygiene
        • Gum disease (e.g. gum boils, abscesses, spongy gums, gingivitis)
        • Multiplication of odor-causing bacteria in the mouth and digestive tract
        • Candidiasis
        • Chronic sinus infection
        • Certain medications (especially those that cause dry mouth as a side effect)
        • Smoking
        • Some foods can cause bad breath (garlic, onions, anchovies, high protein diet)
        • Poor digestion and sluggish liver
        • Constipation

        Test for bad breath

        Sometimes bad breath is noticed by an unpleasant or bitter taste in your mouth. You can also check the smell of your saliva by licking the skin on your inner wrist and then smelling it. If it has an offensive odor, then the chances are that your breath is not as sweet as you would like it to be!

        However, it is also possible to suffer from bad breath without being aware of it. If you notice that people tend to step away from you when you speak, turn their heads or cover their noses, then bad breath may be a problem. The best way to find out is to ask someone who you can trust to tell you the truth.

        How can HaliTonic help?

        Following a healthy diet will help to promote strong teeth and healthy gums, while avoiding foods high in sugar will also prevent decay. Excess sugar in the diet can also contribute towards an unhealthy digestive system and overgrowth of intestinal yeasts like candida – which can sometimes cause breath to smell unpleasant. Drinking lots of fresh water is also very important to keep your body and mouth well hydrated. There are also many well-known natural remedies that can be very beneficial in maintaining oral health and keeping breath fresh.

        HaliTonic is not just another product to freshen breath! It is a unique 100% homeopathic remedy to address all symptoms associated with breath odour and impurity. Acting as a system cleanser and detoxifier and promoter of healthy liver functioning, regular use of HaliTonic can help to prevent bad breath by treating the underlying causes and will also assist with other body odour problems such as foul smelling feet, stools, gassy bowels, underarm odour, etc.

        Use HaliTonic along with a regular oral hygiene program and say goodbye to bad breath permanently!


        HaliTonic contains the following 100% homeopathic natural ingredients:

        • Kali Phos. (6C) is a biochemic tissue salt which is a constituent of all fluids in the body. Kali. Phos. has an antiseptic action and helps to reduce or stop decay of body tissue. It is well known as a cleanser of any putrefactive conditions such as halitosis (bad breath), foul smelling flatulence and stools. This is also an excellent nerve tonic and natural tranquilizer.
        • Silica (6C) is also known as the 'homeopathic surgeon' due to its unique ability to cleanse the cells of toxins and rid the body of bad odours. Silica is naturally occurring in the body, especially hair, nails, skin, nerve sheaths and all mucous membranes, including the mouth and digestive tract. This biochemic tissue salt is also frequently prescribed for gum disease (including gum boils and mouth abscess), mouth ulcers and chronic mucous infections (e.g. sinus infections). Silica acts as a natural cleanser and purifier and will also eliminate all foreign matter in the body. For this reason Silica should not be used by people with any type of prosthesis, breast implants, pace makers, metal plates, pins or artificial tubes in the body.
        • Nux Vom is a proven homeopathic remedy with a variety of uses and is often prescribed for digestive disorders that may lead to bad breath, indigestion and either constipation or diarrhoea. It is also an effective remedy for flatulence, abdominal cramping and bloating as it helps to soothe the stomach.
        • Carduus mar (D3) a homeopathic remedy to focus on liver functioning, bile production and digestion, thereby helping as a eliminator of toxins in the body and the digestive tract. 
        • Lactose (inactive Ingredient).
 HaliTonic is presented in small lactose tablets. The amount of lactose used is very small and is generally well tolerated even by people who are lactose intolerant.

        How has HaliTonic helped others?

        "I am so grateful to you that I decided to write with a testimonial for Halitonic, which has been the best thing that has happened to me! I had a problem with bad breath for so many years and spend a fortune on things like mouth washes and other junk that was all supposed to work. I was hardly ever without a mint in my mouth. Without Halitonic I m sure that this would have continued for ever as believe me, I have tried everything! In less than a week I noticed that the unpleasant taste in my mouth was going and even my mother said that my breath was much better. I can't believe that my problem has been solved after all this expense and time and simply cannot thank you enough!" - Cecilia

        "I can recommend Halitonic to anyone who has suffered from halitosis. This product has really worked for me." - Denzil J

        "Not only has your remedy cleared my bad breath, but also my smelly feet and other unmentionables. Some people may think it is funny, but it was not funny for me and caused me to have no friends and to stay far away from people. It didnt matter how much I kept myself clean - nothing helped and who wants to be near a person who smells? Thank you for helping me and recommending this product." - H. M.

        How do I use HaliTonic?

        Slowly dissolve 2 tablets under your tongue in a clean mouth  2 - 4 times daily.

        HaliTonic tablets are safe for all ages and during pregnancy and breastfeeding. Consult your doctor or dentist if symptoms persist or worsen.  

        This product contains Silica in homeopathic tissue salt potency. Silica acts as a natural cleanser and purifier and will eliminate all foreign matter in the body. For this reason Silica should not be used by people with any type of prosthesis, breast implants, pace makers, metal plates, pins or artificial tubes in the body.

        Feelgood Tip: Dry mouth is a frequent cause of bad breath. Make sure you drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. HaliTonic may also be used together with the following supportive remedies:

        Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.