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Lifematrix Magnesium Oil Spray - Transdermal Magnesium With Added MSM

R 68.00

Magnesium Spray with MSM & Kalahari Crystal Salts for maximum absorption

  • Magnesium spray with MSM is easily absorbed transdermally (through the skin)
  • Reduces inflammation, joint & muscle pain and increases mobility
  • Excellent for use after strenuous exercise or for those with arthritis
  • Helps to prevent migraines & encourage normal blood pressure
  • Helps the body to cope with stress & improves sleep
  • Kalahari crystal salts add more than 60 minerals to the formula
  • Vegan friendly
  • Local: Proudly made in South Africa to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

Lifematrix Magnesium Oil Spray

Benefits of Magnesium 

Magnesium is crucial for many functions within the body, with over 300 bio-chemical reactions depending on the mineral. Magnesium maintains potassium, calcium, phosphorus, adrenaline and insulin levels and also plays a role in energy production, nerve conduction, protein formation and DNA production.

Magnesium is also important for a healthy heart, normal blood pressure, a strong immune system, balanced blood sugar levels, bone health (helps to prevent osteoporosis), as well as maintaining muscle function (also prevents muscle cramps)

An anti-stress and anti-ageing mineral, Magnesium promotes longevity by limiting the effects of free radicals within the body and preventing a range of illnesses like heart attacks and diabetes.

These are just some of the functions of Magnesium!

Lifematrix Magnesium Oil is a natural transdermal supplement Spray, designed to assist with Magnesium intake, directly through the skin .

Oral magnesium supplements can upset the stomach and are less effectively absorbed. This is why transdermal magnesium applications have become more popular to ensure adequate intake and to prevent magnesium deficiencies.

Lifematrix Magnesium Oil includes MSM for increased absorption, as well as Kalahari salts, containing more than 60 minerals and trace elements!


Purified water, magnesium chloride, MSM, Kalahari salt

How to use

Spray onto the skin in areas where there is cramping, muscle or joint pain. Rub onto temples during a migraine attack. Allow to dry on the skin. 

Note: Magnesium Oil may cause some initial tingling the first few times it is used. This is perfectly normal. 


Do not spray into the eyes. People with kidney problems should only use this product under medical supervision. 

    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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