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Meditate Me Massage Oil - Essential oils for peaceful contemplation!

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Massage Oils blended for you for peace & meditation! 

  • Creates balance and harmony within the body and mind
  • Encourages inner focus
  • Promotes clarity & inner vision
  • Supports deep calm & relaxation

    What is Meditate Me Massage Oil?

    Meditate Me Massage Oil is an aromatherapy blend of essential oils with specific calming ingredients to help induce a state of calm while centering the mind and body through healing touch.

    Our exclusive calming blend helps the user to find inner peace and tranquility. Focus your body and mind in a meditative state. Feelgood Health Meditate Me Massage Oil (50ml) contains a selected blend of pure essential aromatic oils, especially chosen for their calming and tranquil properties. The sense of smell has long been known to induce feelings of calmness in the brain and help to evoke feelings of inner focus and direction.


    Meditate Me Massage Oil contains a blend of the following pure essential therapeutic aromatic oils:

    Niaouli, Litsea cubeba, Grapefruit and Sweet Almond Oil.

    How has Meditate Me Massage Oil helped others?

    'This is a must have for anyone who meditates on a regular basis. I have the whole meditate me range and love Feelgood products...' -  Zara

    'Great addition to my meditation routine! Keeps me centred through the day...' - Luanne

    'I use some on my neck in the morning after a shower and the scent then warms on my skin during the day. It helps me to keep my inner strength and concentrate on the important things in life!' - Trudy

    How do I use Meditate Me Massage Oil?

    Pour a small amount into hands and massage over entire body concentrating on the shoulders, neck, back and feet - or wherever tension collects. Use slow gentle strokes to softly soothe away tension and induce a meditative state of inner calm.

    Meditate Me may also be used in specific ares where tension collects - such as the neck, shoulders or feet.  

    Caution: Safety during pregnancy has not been established. Do not apply to the face.

    Tips on relaxing massage

    Due to stress and poor posture, the back and neck are major hot spots for tension:

    • Position the person lying face down with their head turned to one side.
    • Warm a little massage oil in your hands and apply to the back. Apply just enough to lubricate the skin without making it slippery.
    • Start the massage at the lower back with broad sweeping strokes up the middle of the back along either side of the spine and into the neck. You can let your hands criss-cross over themselves at the hips. This stroke stimulates circulation and spreads the oil. Take care not to massage directly on the spine.
    • Starting again at the lower back use your fingertips (keeping them together) to glide up the curve of the back and into the neck. Do this a few times, increasing your pressure with subsequent strokes.
    • Finish the final stroke at the base of the person's neck and let your hands fan out across the shoulders. Curve your hands around the top of the shoulders and pull down gently towards the hips. This produces a lovely neck stretch. Repeat this sequence a few times.
    • Then, starting at the sacral area, push your thumbs gently into the muscles on either side of the spine making small circular movements as you work your way up into the base of the neck.
    • Now concentrate on the muscles of the neck and top of the shoulders by squeezing and kneading.
    • Use your thumb to stroke from the shoulder to the base of the skull and back again.
    • Do this several times on each side focusing on any areas of tension you might find.
    • Finish the massage with several broad sweeping strokes from the neck down to the lower back and up again, with the last stroke going lightly over and off the head.
    • Ask the person you are massaging to take a deep breath.
    • To ground the person after the massage, place one palm on their lower back and the other on the base of their neck.
    • Rock their hips from side to side for a few seconds. Then be still for a few seconds.
    • Repeat this a few times.
    • This quiet hold, together with gentle rocking motion, brings the person back into balance and encourages deep relaxation.

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      This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.