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Natural Yogi Aromatic Exfoliating Scrub

R 100.00

Aromatic and biodegradable vetiver scrub

  • Made from the roots of Vetiver, a wonderfully scented grass of the same family as lemongrass
  • Can be used in the bath or in the shower
  • Effective anti-microbial properties
  • Removes dead skin cells and encourages healthy cell regeneration

Why we love Natural Yogi

Established by a yoga teacher, Natural Yogi focuses on body care products made with simple and natural ingredients that provide healing benefits. Natural Yogi has a wide range of deodorants, each one formulated for its interesting off-key notes and covering the range from masculine to feminine and sweet to spicy and tart. These deodorants come in glass jars that are stylish, super convenient and handy - taking them on a hike or to the yoga studio is a delight! Along with the natural deodorant, Natural Yogi also offers a body scrub, body butter and massage oil.


Dried Vetivert roots held together with nylon netting, packaged in biodegradable bio-plastic.

Directions for use

A super exfoliator for the bath and shower!

Caution: nylon netting serves to hold the roots in place during use and should not be removed for use.