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FREE SA DELIVERY for orders over R399 . OPEN during lockdown

Organic Camel Milk Powder

R 252.00

Non-GMO, organic Camel Milk Powder (100g) - healthier alternative to cow's or goat's milk!

  • Produced from free-roaming camels that browse on natural vegetation in the Kalahari Desert, South Africa
  • One of the most nutritious and ethically produced milk available in South Africa - natural whole milk, nothing added and nothing removed
  • Lacto-vegetarian and non-GMO
  • Camel's milk contains more Vitamin C, Vitamin B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium than cow's milk
  • Research suggests that camel's milk prevents diabetes, improves immune system, stimulates circulation, treats autism, lessens allergic reactions, promotes growth and development, protects against certain autoimmune diseases and boost heart health
  • Slightly sweet and creamy, camel's milk tastes similar to cow's milk, but is free from Beta-lactoglobulin (main allergen in cow's milk) and has more powerful nutrients
  • Mixing ratio: Milk Powder 1:10 Water
  • The powder is packed in a sealed container which allows it to stay fresh for months

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Organic non-GMO camel milk

How to use

Mix the Organic Camel Milk Powder with water (ratio - Milk Powder 1:10 Water).

Why we love Camel Milk South Africa

Camel Milk South Africa is committed to bringing you organic camel milk in the most natural form possible! Established in March 2015 on a farm situated in a remote location in the Kalahari Desert, Camel Milk South Africa produces both fresh camel's milk and camel's milk powder! Their farming practices are ethical, where the camels roam free and the dry climate is ideal for the camels! Camel's milk is a more environmentally-friendly way of obtaining milk, as camels don't need the huge amounts of grazing area like cows and goats - thereby reducing the amount of methane gas released into the planet! 

Camel Milk South Africa states, "We do not cull our calves as they are integral to the dairy operation. We milk twice daily and during each milking session the calf is used to stimulate the mum to let down the milk. After each milking session the calves get to spend time with their mums.". They reinforce their ethical and organic farming methods by ensuring their product is free from any antibiotics or stimulants!