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Pet Feather Droid (chirps, tweets and wobbles!) | Cat Toy

R 155.00

A fun, interactive sound toy that reacts to your cat’s movements at the slightest touch!

  • Interactive cat toy makes exciting birdlike chirping and tweeting noises when your cat interacts with the ball base
  • For a stimulating playtime experience designed to entice your pet’s natural hunting instincts
  • Built-in motion sensor chip that engages at your pet’s touch
  • Bright pink and fluffy feather plumage designed to attract your cat’s interests
  • Base measures 5 x 2.5cm
  • Semi-circle ball base design that remains upright while your cat bats during play
  • On/off switch to help limit noise if required
  • Helps to keep your cat entertained by appealing to their natural stalking and hunting behaviours
  • Can be used to help encourage daily exercise and mental stimulation in your cat