Pet Poop Bags (eco-friendly, flushable) for pets - 10 bags


R 35.00 


Eco-friendly economical and convenient Poop Bags for dogs and cats

  • Conveniently packaged in a tissue pack that fits in your pocket
  • Disposable - flushes easily down the toilet
  • Environmentally eco-friendly biodegradable material 
  • Take with you on a walk to dispose of your dog's poop
  • Handy for cleaning cat litter trays

Eco-Friendly Economical and Convenient Poop Bags for Dogs & Cats

Nothing can be worse than going for a walk and stepping in a mound of dog poop! Responsible pet parents pick up after their dogs and wouldn't want to be stranded with a pile of dog poop and nothing to put it in! Now you can buy your poop bags in a convenient tissue pack that you can pop into your bag or pocket!

We know that our pet parents care about the environment and that's why we chose these biodegradable poop bags for dogs and cats. These poop bags also flush easily down the toilet - no fuss or hassle! Take them with you when you take your dog for a walk and use them to clean your cat's litter tray. For even more convenience, why not buy our Poop Bag Holder to take with you when you go walkies? (Poop bags also available in bulk for extra economy).