RollAway Reliever Roll-On Magnesium & Arnica for joint & muscle pain

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Convenient Roll-on Relief for joint & muscle pain (100 ml)

Unique Magnesium Oil formulation combines Magnesium Oil, Arnica & Calendula in a convenient roll-on dispenser for fast natural relief from muscle and joint pain, arthritis & post exercise muscle pain & stiffness

  • Facilitates transdermal magnesium absorption
  • Quickly relieves muscle and joint pain and inflammation
  • Soothes pain associated with arthritis (including rheumatoid arthritis and osteo-arthritis)
  • Addresses muscular and joint stiffness after strenuous exercise
  • Relieves cramping and muscle tremors
  • Improves mobility and relieve stiffness
  • Boosts systemic magnesium levels for excellent health benefits
  • Effective magnesium oil formulation combined with arnica and calendula for added anti-inflammatory effects
  • Well tolerated - without the side effects of conventional anti-inflammatory drugs
  • *Buy 3 Get 1 Free* Special Offer available for this product!

Note: RollAway Reliever is recommended for use together with our MobiLive Drops - a liquid herbal formula containing herbs well-known for their pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory properties.  

RollAway Reliever - Magnesium oil & arnica in a rollon dispenser


Magnesium Oil - Nature's Miracle!

Magnesium Oil has recently made headlines for its ability to relieve pain and stiffness associated with a host of conditions, including arthritis, age related joint pain and stiffness, as well as pain and stiffness experienced by athletes after rigourous exercise.

But did you know that Magnesium is a natural salt that has been used therapeutically for thousands of years? Many of you may have heard about the healing properties of the waters of the Dead Sea and other therapeutic waters – and it turns out that one of their main therapeutic agents is …magnesium!

Magnesium is a mineral that is essential to the functioning of every cell in the body. Without adequate levels of magnesium, we are at risk for a host of health problems, including cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure as well as depression, anxiety, insomnia, tremors, pain disorders and premature aging.

While magnesium occurs naturally in the environment, recent studies have shown that the majority of people (more than two thirds!) in developed countries are deficient in magnesium. This is due to lifestyle factors such as excessive alcohol, sugar and nicotine intake, as well as lack of exercise and a sedentary existence.  Lower levels of magnesium in the environment and therefore in our food and water are also caused by modern farming methods, water filtration as well as pesticide usage.

Pain relief in modern medicine

Modern medicine has much to offer in the control and relief of chronic pain associated with inflammatory and degenerative conditions like arthritis – as well as in the control of acute pain, for example headaches, muscle pain and stiffness and cramps. In fact there is a pill or an injection for almost every pain imaginable!

Unfortunately, pain and anti-inflammatory medication come at a cost – not only a cost to your wallet, but also in the form of some serious side effects which can sometimes result in health conditions that are worse than the original problem – especially when used chronically! The side effects of pain medication and anti-inflammatory drugs are well documented and include liver and kidney disease, cardiovascular disease and stomach ulcers  - as well as a risk of tolerance and dependency, making it necessary to increase the dose to achieve the desired effect.

The Natural Way

We seldom stop to consider that pain is a natural body mechanism developed to warn us that something is wrong. To simply mask that pain without treating the underlying problem is to add insult to injury in a manner of speaking – and certainly offers no long term solution.

Practitioners  of natural medicine have long recognised that a holistic approach is best. If you suffer from arthritis or a pain disorder, research the lifestyle factors that are beneficial to your health and your condition. These include diet and exercise as well as cutting down on sugar, alcohol and substances like aspartame and other non-nutritive sweeteners.

Supplementation with magnesium should form an important part of your daily regime. Foods high in magnesium include dark green leafy vegetables, seeds and nuts, whole grains, bananas and even dark chocolate! Make sure you have sufficient water – magnesium is water soluble and if you are dehydrated you will not be able to absorb it.

While magnesium supplementation is important, magnesium administered orally is not that well absorbed. For that reason, transdermal (through the skin) magnesium application is often preferred as an effective and well absorbed form of magnesium supplementation.

What is RollAway Reliever?

RollAway Reliever is  unique topical formulation containing Magnesium Oil (in the form of Magnesium chloride), Arnica and Calendula. It is presented in a convenient roll on dispenser for easy application and transdermal absorption.

RollAway Reliever is especially formulated to combine Magnesium Oil with anti-inflammatory herbal extracts to provide fast long lasting relief from muscle and joint pain, as well as maximum absorption to boost systemic magnesium levels.

RollAway Reliever can help to deliver on-the-spot pain relief where you need it - while at the same time building up systemic magnesium levels more effectively than oral magnesium supplements. 


RollAway Reliever is a mineral and herbal formulation that is free from artificial preservatives, colourants and perfumes. It is not tested on animals and is vegan friendly.

  • Magnesium chloride Magnesium chloride is one of the principle therapeutic agents in ‘healing waters’ all over the world, including the Dead Sea. It is a mineral with a wide range of therapeutic applications and is also essential to the functioning of every cell in the body. Optimal intake of magnesium chloride helps to prevent a host of medical problems such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, cancer, high blood pressure as well as depression, anxiety, insomnia, tremors, pain disorders and premature aging. Magnesium is used in both conventional and holistic medicine as a natural pain reliever and antispasmodic
  • Arnica  Arnica is a herb that is very well known for its pain relieving and anti-inflammatory properties and is the principle ingredient in many sports rubs. Arnica is also used homeopathically to great effect.  In fact, Arnica is so effective, that many conventional doctors are recommending it to speed up healing after surgery
  • Calendula Calendula has been used by herbalists for centuries and is a well-respected herb due to its soothing and anti-inflammatory effects.

How has RollAway Reliever helped others?

"I like the roll-on - it makes it easy to get to the areas that need it and also makes sure my hands are not full of product. I find it to be very effective and fast acting" - Jeff

"I love your RollAway Reliever! It's so easy to use and makes SUCH a difference. I had heard about magnesium oil from an article I read and I have to agree that it is a miracle worker! I have shoulder and neck pain which can really bug me - and this RollAway reliever really works a treat! RollAway  Reliever is my new BFF!" - Charlene.

"Wonderful product - it really helps my knees and when I have painful cramps in my calves after exercising!" - Lee M

How do I use RollAway Reliever?

RollAway Reliever comes in an easy to use roll on dispenser! Nothing could be easier! Simply roll onto the affected areas for quick relief from pain, stiffness and cramping. If you are treating small joints (e.g. fingers or toes), roll onto the palm of the hand and massage onto those smaller areas.

RollAway Reliever works quickly and has a long lasting effect. It may be used at night and during the day. Simply re-apply when necessary.

Due to the concentrated formula and the fast acting properties of the Magnesium Oil, you should notice relief within 5 – 10 minutes or even sooner. 

Apart from the pain relieving properties, you may also notice improvement in other areas such as sleep, mood, period pain and cramping, as well as ease of movement – due to the increased levels of systemic magnesium. These are just some of the healthy ‘side effects’ of magnesium oil!

Note: You may notice a tingling effect the first few times that you use RollAway Reliever. This is nothing to worry about and is an indication that the magnesium is being absorbed. This will usually disappear after the first few applications.

Note: For even better results, use with MobiLive Herbal Drops

This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.