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Serenite Plus - Natural herbal remedy relaxes & helps you sleep (Buy 3 Get 1 FREE)

R 547.50

Safe natural remedy for insomnia without risk of addiction 

  • Treats the symptoms of intermittent, sleep onset insomnia
  • Assists in the treatment of chronic insomnia and sleep maintenance problems
  • Quickly induces a state of drowsiness and deep relaxation
  • Relieves night time anxiety, worry and stress
  • Prevents morning 'grogginess' associated with prescription and OTC sleeping tablets
  • Avoids addiction caused by prescription sleeping medication
  • Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist for safety & effectiveness
  • *Buy 3 Get 1 Free* Special Offer available for this product!

Serenite Plus - Natural remedy for insomnia to help you sleep peacefully


    When you can't fall asleep ...

    Insomnia, or the inability to fall or remain asleep can take many different forms and has multiple causes. We can identify two main types of insomnia.

    Sleep-onset Insomnia (problems falling asleep, also called Initial Insomnia)
    Sleep-maintenance Insomnia (waking during the night and early in the morning and struggling to return to sleep)

    Many people have a combination of these two types of insomnia. Insomnia may also be chronic (nearly every night) or intermittent (occasional insomnia).

    It is estimated that over 50% of adults suffer from some sort of insomnia. While we all have occasional nights when we struggle to fall asleep, nothing can describe the frustration of battling to go to sleep night after night!

    There are many potential causes of insomnia, including sleep apnea, snoring, bladder or prostate problems, stress or depression. People who are over 60 years old and women going through the menopause are more prone to insomnia, probably due to decreased levels of melatonin in the brain. Other causes of insomnia include 'restless legs' syndrome (RLS), magnesium or iron deficiency, hormonal imbalance, shift work and excessive consumption of caffeine or other stimulants. Insomnia is also a side effect of some prescription anti-depressant medication.

    It is thought that more than 50% of all cases of insomnia are linked to psychological causes, including depression, anxiety and stress.

    The natural way

    Naturopaths recognise that sleep is like a barometer. When someone consistently struggles to sleep, this is a sign that something is wrong and needs to be investigated. Perhaps there are problems at work or in a relationship? Perhaps there is a depression that needs to be treated? Maybe there is a serotonin or a magnesium deficiency which needs attention? Maybe there is another condition which is causing the sleep problem? Simply taking strong drugs to fall asleep is not enough and can further complicate the picture.

    Fortunately it is possible to treat insomnia in a natural and more holistic way, resulting in a longterm solution which does not damage your health or lead to addiction.

    How can Serenite Plus help?

    Serenite Plus is a combination herbal/homeopathic formula especially formulated to treat the symptoms of insomnia, especially sleep onset insomnia (difficulty falling asleep) and occasional insomnia (i.e. difficulty falling asleep not more than two or three times a week). Serenite has been used safely and effectively for many years to help with sleep problems. Now newly formulated, using up-to-date scientific knowledge of insomnia and natural sleep patterns, Serenite Plus combines herbal AND homeopathic remedies in a new improved formula.


    Serenite Plus contains the following herbal and homeopathic ingredients:

    • Avena sativa Used by herbalists to treat nervous exhaustion and insomnia and also as an effective nerve tonic.
    • Scuttelaria laterifolia has a long history of effective use in the treatment of acute insomnia and stress. This herb is also useful in the treatment of epilepsy and nerve pain.
    • Passiflora incarnata Research has demonstrated the effectiveness of this relaxing herb in the treatment of anxiety and stress. It is also particularly useful for the person who lies awake worrying due to stress or overwork!
    • Coffea (C30) A homeopathic remedy known for its effectiveness in treating headaches, insomnia and restlessness. People who are overstimulated due to worry or excessive work will benefit very much from the addition of Coffea to the formula.
    • Nux Vom (C30) Also used homeopathically for the treatment of irritability and insomnia, Nux Vomica will also help the tense, ambitious, perfectionistic person who cannot sleep due to worrying about unfinished business or unresolved emotional issues.

    How has Serenite Plus helped others?

    "I have tried many natural products to try and help me to sleep. None of them has helped me like Serenite Plus." - Kay F.

    "I am a pensioner and for the last 6 years, I have not been able to fall asleep as I used to do. Maybe it is because I am not as active as before, although I try and walk a little with the dogs every day! I have been very pleased with the results of your remedy, which relaxes me and helps me to fall asleep. Thank you for answering all my questions!" - George

    "After some relationship troubles I found myself worrying and obsessing every night and no matter what I did I could not let go and fall asleep. This remedy really does the trick. It feels just like natural sleep because I become drowsy and relaxed and then can't remember when I fell asleep. No problems in the morning when I wake up - unlike the tablets my doctor gave me once before and which I took only once!" -Golden Girl

    How do I use Serenite Plus?

    Serenite Plus comes in convenient concentrated tincture (drop) form and is diluted in water or juice. 

    Adults and Teenagers over 12: 15 to 20 drops five minutes before bedtime. May be repeated during the night.
    Children: See our Sleepy Sprinkles (newborn to one year) or Du Du Drops (1 year +)

    Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been clinically established. Pregnant women and nursing mothers can safely use our Triple Complex Sleep Tonic.

    Feelgood Tips for healthy sleep

    • Exercise regularly!
    • Avoid alcohol and caffeine products at least 4 hours before bedtime
    • Try to use the hours before bedtime for relaxation to help your body to wind down.
    • Have a warm bath just before you go to bed
    • If you are worried, anxious or depressed, talk about your feelings to someone you trust
    • If you have unresolved issues or problems that are causing stress, consult a counselor for help in making changes to your life.

    Serenite Plus is often recommended along with the following natural remedies: 

    This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.