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Superfoods Awaken Chocolate Boost Protein Shake

Original Price R 215.00
Current Price R 193.50

Protein-rich superfood shake to restore the body and muscles (205g)

  • Ideally used as a meal supplement or nutrient boost in smoothies
  • Use as a protein boost, pre- and post-workout supplement or meal replacement for optimum recovery
  • High protein, fibre, energy and essential vitamins and minerals make a great meal alternative when you’re active, on-the-go or exercising
  • Supports and strengthens the immune system
  • Packed with antioxidants and energy-boosting nutrients
  • Keeps you feeling fuller for longer
  • Ethically-sourced ingredient (NO bulking or flow agents and fillers)


Ingredients: Cacao*, Mesquite*, Chia Seeds*, Lucuma*, Brown Rice Protein*, Hemp Seeds*, Maca*, Cinnamon, Monk Fruit Extract,*, Fine Oryx Kalahari Salt.

*Certified Organic Ingredients (99%)

How to use

  • As a workout shake or as a protein booster! For a workout shake, mix 35g (1 serving) in a blender or shaker with 300ml of oat, almond, coconut or hemp milk.
  • Or as a booster add 1-2Tbsp to smoothies, oats, porridge or recipes. Blend into smoothies, plant milk, water or simply add to muesli, yoghurt or oats.