SweatLess - Natural remedy reduces excessive perspiration

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Homeopathic remedy naturally reduces sweating & hyperhidrosis  

  • Reduces excessive perspiration (hyperhidrosis) and clamminess
  • Balances fluid levels in the body to help control excessive sweating
  • Addresses sweating associated with acute nervousness
  • Calms frenetic thoughts, worries or actions
  • Safe and effective for all ages and during pregnancy
  • Natural homeopathic formula 
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SweatLess - Natural homeopathic remedy for excessive perspiration


Is sweating making you 'hot under the collar'?

Hyperhidrosis is the clinical term to describe excessive sweating and it is a problem that many individuals around the world suffer from. People with hyperhidrosis often live in constant anxiety about their excessive perspiration and in severe cases it can cause difficulty in the work place, in personal relationships and it often results in negative feelings and lack of confidence. While we are all familiar with that clammy sweaty feeling on a hot summer’s day, hyperhidrosis causes the individual to sweat excessively and often at inappropriate times.

The most common areas affected by this condition include under the arms, on the soles of feet, the palms of hands, the upper lips and between the legs in the groin area. In some cases hyperhidrosis occurs in a localized area and an individual may suffer from excessive head sweating or hand sweating, while other experience more generalized sweating in all areas.

The good news is that excessive perspiration no longer has to be endured as there are now a number of treatment options available. In some cases, hyperhidrosis is a symptom rather than a condition and is caused by an underlying condition such as an infection, chronic illness, anxiety disorders or a condition affecting the hormones in the body, such as hyperthyroidism or even menopause. In other cases, hyperhidrosis a medical condition on its own and it has little known cause. While normal sweating is strictly controlled by the hypothalamus and hormones, it seems that in people with hyperhidrosis something goes wrong between the message the hypothalamus sends to the sweat nerves and the amount of sweat produced in the sweat glands.

      The natural way

      Diet can sometimes hold the key to sweat control. Avoid complex carbohydrates (opt for high fibre cereals instead). Milk should be fat-free and salt intake should be limited. The recommended limit is 4 grams per day. Try to get the right amount of calcium into your diet and speak to a dietician about an eating-plan to suit your lifestyle. Avoid any pungent foods, such as onions and garlic (these foods will just add to the strong odor of your perspiration!). Drink plenty of fluids (8 glasses per day) as you will need to replenish fluid levels in your body. Never reason that if you drink less you sweat less – this is not so!

      Natural remedies can also help to support the nervous system and sweat production in the body. In fact, natural remedies have been used in traditional medicine for thousands of years to support the healthy functioning of the nervous system and the glands of the skin.

      How can SweatLess help?

      Sweat-Less is a 100% natural homeopathic remedy formulated to encourage fluid balance and reduce excessive sweating. Sweat-Less can be used to safely support the nervous system, brain and perspiration glands, without harmful side effects. This remedy contains a selection of homeopathic remedies known for their ability to restore balance and address excessive fluid production on the surface of the skin. Due to the concentrated tincture formula, Sweat-Less is absorbed into the system with ease – exactly when you need it!


      SweatLess contains the following 100% active homeopathic ingredients in equal parts and in therapeutic dosage:

      • Nat mur (D6) – a homeopathic tissue salts extensively used as a tonic for the skin and skin glands, helping to balance fluid levels and address problems caused by fluid imbalance in the body – such as excessive perspiration.
      • Lupulus (30C) - used to address perspiration that is profuse, clammy or greasy.
      • Castoreum (30C) – useful when sweat seems to feel icy cold, and may smell sour.
      • Argentum nit (6C) - used homeopathically to address sweats brought about by fretting and made worse with fussing. This also suits those individuals that tend to get caught up in nervous excitement.
      • Syphilinum (30C) - in homeopathic potency, this remedy is of great use for people who suffer from excessive sweating at night, often waking exhausted and depleted.

        How has SweatLess helped others?

        ‘...I would literally soak my shirt! This worked when I really needed it. I tried it (2 months today) just before a major client lunch. What a life saver! Thank you, sincerely.’ – Dean

        ‘I am a pageant queen and can’t afford to get sweaty on stage under the lights… I get a bit nervous during certain parts of the show, but his is my secret weapon!’ – Olivia

        ‘I have struggled with embarrassing sweating for years .... even using a fan on my desk in the middle of winter! ..... now finally, a natural product that I can believe in!’ – Louise

        ‘People used to ask me if I wanted the aircon turned up higher – but even that didn’t help! The more flustered I felt from the sweating, the worse it got!!! I used to have to run to the bathroom to get tissue... this stuff has really made a difference to my life...’ – Doreen S

        How do I use SweatLess?

        Sweatless is easy and convenient to use. Simply dilute drops in a little water and drink. Repeat every 20 - 30 minutes until symptoms subside

        Dosage: Adults and children over 12 years: 10 - 15 drops. Children 6 - 12 years: 5 - 10 drops; 

        Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

        Sweat-Less is highly recommended along with the following natural remedies:

        • DeodoRite homeopathic remedy to reduce body odours (BO)
        • PureCalm herbal remedy to help support calmed soothed nerves

        This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.