TnT Raw Unheated Cape Fynbos Honey ! (500g)


R 88.00 


From our hives to your home!

  • Rich quality raw honey from the Western Cape 
  • Health benefits from relieving sore throats, treating skin infections, anti-fungal, anti-viral & anti-septic 
  • Full of local pollen - Bee pollen is rich in vitamins, minerals, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, enzymes, carotenoids and bioflavonoids
  • Small batched and hand filled jars makes every pot extra special for you!

Enjoy the Health Benefits of Mac's Unprocessed Raw Eucalyptus Honey!

Delicious, nutritious and healing Raw Honey Power!

Honey is always a delicious natural treat! But did you know that most store bought honeys are heat treated, pollen is removed for shelf life and commercial processing production is used. Most local honey is internationally imported and mixed with other ingredients like syrup and sugar! This interferes with the bio-availability of the phyto-nutrients and means that most store bought honeys are no better than sugar!

We love TnT Raw Fynbos Honey because we are supporting local and organic farmers, assured that no pesticides and insecticides are used and have peace of mind that these bees have the freedom to be on their own "buzz" and part of what makes every jar of TnT Honey more than honey; it is a pot of gold! 

Eating unheated, unprocessed honey makes sure that all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and enzymes in the honey are preserved in order to enjoy the true health benefits of this truly amazing super food!

Honey has been enjoyed for thousands of years and has been used medicinally for just as long as it has been eaten. Modern research is now “rediscovering” what our ancestors knew about this truly remarkable substance, that honey heals and nourishes us inside and out.

Health benefits of raw honey

  • Honey is a natural antibacterial, antifungal, and antiseptic agent
  • Honey heals cuts, burns, and rashes better than conventional medications. A recent study among burn victims showed that 87% of burns dressed with honey healed within 15 days while only 10% of those dressed with a typical burn treatment medication healed within that same amount of time. Patients with the honey treatment also reported less pain and scarring.
  • Honey contains small amounts of pollen and propolis, making it a powerful immune system booster.
  • Honey is an effective and luxurious skin moisturizer and scalp treatment.
  • Eating honey soothes bleeding gums and mouth ulcers
  • Honey is also an appetite stimulant, digestive aid, and natural laxative. It can soothe upset stomachs and has been shown to help heal gastric and intestinal ulcers.
  • Honey is an amazing natural preservative. Unprocessed honey found in ancient tombs was determined to be edible and was even used to preserve bodies.
  • Besides carbohydrates (mostly fructose and glucose), honey contains protein, enzymes, vitamins and minerals. Unprocessed honey is rich in both enzymatic and non-enzymatic antioxidants and also contains trace amounts of about 18 different amino acids.


    Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.