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Triple Complex Nerve Tonic - Tissue salts for nervous system health

R 232.50

Soothes & supports the nervous system (360 tablets)

  • Reduces anxiety and panic attacks
  • Soothes anxiety levels
  • Promotes calmed nerves
  • Promotes health of the entire nervous system
  • Safe for all ages and during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Locally manufactured to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

        What are tissue salts?

        Biochemic Tissue Salts are specially prepared micro-doses of the body’s 12 essential minerals. In 1873, a German doctor, Dr Schussler, first identified these 12 tissue salts, or cell salts, as being the building blocks of all life, present in the body in certain proportions for optimum health. According to Dr Schussler, an imbalance in any of the tissue salts would result in 'dis'ease' of the body, depending on the tissue salt concerned. Tissue salts are therefore important elements of cellular health. Although they are not strictly speaking homeopathic, tissue salts form part of homeopathy today. Note: Tissue salts are unrelated to salt and are safe for all ages and during pregnancy. 

        With today’s highly processed foods and modern farming methods, keeping a healthy balance of minerals in the body is often hard to do. It is also well-known that minerals are lost through stress and exposure to pollutants. Most people these days can benefit from daily vitamin supplements and the same applies to tissue salts.

        These micro-minerals are important to:

        • assist the body with the optimal functioning of living cells
        • prevent deficiency and maintain cellular balance
        • optimise absorption of nutrients from the diet
        • assist in cell regeneration and replacement
        • help avoid common ailments or illness that may result from an imbalance in cells

        Tissue Salts are natural, suitable for the whole family and may be taken alongside other medications and dietary supplements including minerals and vitamins. Particular tissue salts are associated with certain organs in the body or with different aspects of systemic functioning. Practitioners will therefore recommend a combination of one or more tissue salts, depending on the problems that need treatment.

        As always, at Feelgood Health, we like to make good health easy for you! That is why we have formulated a range of tissue salts in combination, selecting the best combination for the health benefit that you are trying to achieve. Each of our tissue salt remedies contain THREE of the twelve Schussler cell salts in order to address specific concerns such as digestion, nervous system functioning, brain health, blood sugar balance, respiratory health, sleep, slimming or nicotine withdrawal.

        Triple Complex Nerve Tonic 

        Triple Complex Nerve Tonic combines the following three bio-chemic tissue salts, especially chosen to support the health & functioning of the nervous system. Triple Complex Nerve Tonic can benefit all people, but is especially good as a supplement for people with anxiety disorders, OCD, epilepsy, Parkinson's, Tourettes or any condition related to nervous system functioning. Triple Complex Nerve Tonic is safe to use along with prescription meds, as well as natural medicines. 


        Triple Complex Nerve Tonic contains the following selected biochemic tissue salts:.

        Ferrum phos (D6), Kali phos (D6), Mag phos (D6), Lactose (inactive ingredient)

        How has Triple Complex Nerve Tonic helped others?

        'I have been so stressed for my wedding that I have not been able to leave my house. I suffered with panic attacks and then I discovered your PureCalm and this product, Nerve tonic. I use them both and I am so happy to tell you that I MADE IT TO THE REHERSAL LAST NIGHT! Thank you for giving me back my life!' - Anonymous

        'This is great for my little boy. I didn't want to give him strong anxiety medication, so instead I give him these tablets and the ones for sleep... no more nightmares!! Thanks.' - Ellen and Harry

        'Thank you kindly for the nerve tablets, they arrived promptly at my door today. I'm sure they will make a big difference (I use your products and they are superb). I ordered the nerve tablets because I shake a lot and hope to stop the tremors. Best regards." - Mildred, 84

        How do I use Triple Complex Nerve Tonic?

        Triple Complex Nerve Tonic can be used as a daily supplement in its own right, or as an adjunct to enhance the benefits of natural medicines for various conditions. It comes in small sucking tablets which are placed under the tongue to dissolve.

        6 years and older: As a regular supplement, dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue or chew in the mouth three times daily. During times of stress or when symptoms are acute, the frequency of dosage can be increased to five or six times daily.

        Age 1 - 6 years: One tablet three times daily (may be crushed into a powder and sprinkled in the mouth)  

        Note: Because tissue salts improve cellular functioning and assist with absorption, they are frequently recommended as companion remedies to other natural medicines. Triple Complex Nerve Tonic is therefore recommended as a supplement to enhance the functioning and absorption of the following remedies:

        • MindSoothe - herbal remedy for depression & anxiety
        • MindSoothe Jr - herbal remedy for child depression & anxiety
        • PureCalm - herbal remedy for anxiety, stress & panic attacks
        • EpiStill - natural remedy to reduce seizures
        • Tic Tamer - homeopathic remedy to reduce tics & involuntary twitching

        Feelgood Tips

        • Make sure that you eat regular wholesome meals, have sufficient sleep and also exercise regularly
        • Avoid stimulants such as caffeine and CNS depressants, especially alcohol
        • Try not to let your mind get the better of you by running away with negative thoughts of death, disaster or fainting.
        • Slow down your breathing by closing your eyes, taking SLOW deep breaths and blowing each breath out through pursed lips.
        • Don’t concentrate too hard on the symptoms as this will only increase your anxiety.
        • Try to simply ‘let go’ of the need to stop the attack and rather try to ride it out - getting yourself ‘through’ the worst of it until it passes.
        • Keep in mind there is no actual danger in having a panic attack.
        • Reassure yourself that the fear of harm is only sustaining the attack and allowing it to last longer than necessary!

        Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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