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Triple Complex NicoTonic - Calms nerves during nicotine withdrawal

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Keeps you calm while you stop smoking! (180 tablets)

  • Helps you stop smoking
  • Treatment for the 'short fuse' syndrome (frequently associated with nicotine withdrawal)
  • Helps to prevent headaches, irritability, temper outbursts and restlessness
  • Ensures a calmer and more successful path to a cigarette free life!
  • Helps the body to retain balance after the stress of nicotine and drug withdrawal
  • Safe for use by all ages, including during pregnancy
  • Formulated by a Clinical Psychologist
  • Locally manufactured to reduce YOUR carbon footprint!

What are tissue salts?

Biochemic Tissue Salts are specially prepared micro-doses of the body’s 12 essential minerals. In 1873, a German doctor, Dr Schussler, first identified these 12 tissue salts, or cell salts, as being the building blocks of all life, present in the body in certain proportions for optimum health. According to Dr Schussler, an imbalance in any of the tissue salts would result in 'dis'ease' of the body, depending on the tissue salt concerned. Tissue salts are therefore important elements of cellular health. Although they are not strictly speaking homeopathic, tissue salts form part of homeopathy today. Note: Tissue salts are unrelated to salt and are safe for all ages and during pregnancy. 

With today’s highly processed foods and modern farming methods, keeping a healthy balance of minerals in the body is often hard to do. It is also well-known that minerals are lost through stress and exposure to pollutants. Most people these days can benefit from daily vitamin supplements and the same applies to tissue salts.

These micro-minerals are important to:

  • assist the body with the optimal functioning of living cells
  • prevent deficiency and maintain cellular balance
  • optimise absorption of nutrients from the diet
  • assist in cell regeneration and replacement
  • help avoid common ailments or illness that may result from an imbalance in cells

Tissue Salts are natural, suitable for the whole family and may be taken alongside other medications and dietary supplements including minerals and vitamins. Particular tissue salts are associated with certain organs in the body or with different aspects of systemic functioning. Practitioners will therefore recommend a combination of one or more tissue salts, depending on the problems that need treatment.

As always, at Feelgood Health, we like to make good health easy for you! That is why we have formulated a range of tissue salts in combination, selecting the best combination for the health benefit that you are trying to achieve. Each of our tissue salt remedies contain THREE of the twelve Schussler cell salts in order to address specific concerns such as digestion, nervous system functioning, brain health, blood sugar balance, respiratory health, sleep, slimming or nicotine withdrawal.

Triple Complex NicoTonic 

Triple Complex NicoTonic combines the following three bio-chemic tissue salts, especially chosen to support the health & functioning of the nervous system. Triple Complex NicoTonic is especially beneficial for people who are trying to give up smoking as it helps to soothe the nerves and reduce the restlessness and irritability associated with nicotine withdrawal. Triple Complex NicoTonic is safe to use along with prescription meds, as well as natural medicines. 


Triple Complex NicoTonic contains the following selected biochemic tissue salts:.

Nat phos (D6), Kali phos (D6), Nat mur (D6), Lactose (inactive ingredient)

How has Triple Complex NicoTonic helped others?

'I have tried for YEARS to quit, with no success. Then I saw your no more smoking program and I decided to try. By far, the best decision of my life! The crave drops helped with the cravings and your Mindsoothe helped with the mood swings... and THIS helped me to feel normal. Thank you so much.I have been without a smoke for 7months!! Going strong!' -Pieter

'My son has been addicted to Tik. I was so desperate and he was in counselling and seeing our doctor for weeks. He is an addict so he cannot use medication. I asked my doctor and he said we should try a natural remedy... I was so happy to see this product, God bless you and thank you....I will order it today and let you know how it goes' - Anonymous

'This is agreat product - no more shaking hands, I don't feel like my skin is crawling! I haven't had a drop to drink in weeks. I am also taking the Mindsoothe tablets (sure that helps too).' - Tom

"I stopped smoking because of my pregnancy- these help A LOT!!" - Andie

How do I use Triple Complex NicoTonic?

Triple Complex NicoTonic comes in small sucking tablets which are placed under the tongue to dissolve.

First few weeks of stopping smoking: Use as a daily supplement. Dissolve 2 tablets under the tongue or chew in the mouth three times daily. During times of stress or when withdrawal symptoms are acute, the frequency of dosage can be increased to up to every 30 minutes.

After the first few weeks: Use first thing in the morning and then as needed throughout the day

Note: Because tissue salts improve cellular functioning and assist with absorption, they are frequently recommended as companion remedies to other natural medicines. Triple Complex NicoTonic is recommended as part of a stop smoking regime, along with Crave Rx and MindSoothe.

Feelgood Tips

When it comes to smoking cessation, most of us may think we have heard it all before! However, here are some surprising facts compiled from various reports. Take a look at these interesting and potentially life-saving facts:

  • The more intensively you focus on quitting, the higher your odds of quitting. (Journal of Clinical Psychology in Medical Settings. V6(1):11-38)
  • Your appeal to the opposite sex could triple as a non-smoker! (Psychological Reports. V3(2):1299-1306.)
  • Quitting smoking can help you avoid complications when undergoing surgery. (Ugeskrift for Laeger. 26, 161(30):4273-4276.)
  • Using cessation materials directly increases your chances of quitting smoking. (Journal of Consulting and Clinical Psychology. 61(5):790-803)
  • For every day that you quit, your immune system improves. (Journal of Neuroimmunology. 83(1-2):148-56.)
  • Quitting smoking can be one of the biggest factors in improving sexual functioning. (International Journal of Std and Aids. 7 Suppl 3:2-4.)
  • Even smokers view non-smokers more positively than they do smokers. (Journal of Applied Social Psychology. 16(8):702-725.)
  • As a non-smoker, others might perceive you as being more sophisticated than as a smoker. (British Journal of Addiction. 84(8):935-941.)
  • As a non-smoker, others might perceive you as being wiser than a smoker is perceived. (British Journal of Addiction. 84(8):935-941.)
  • As a non-smoking female, men perceive you as more sexually attractive than when you used to smoke. (Basic & Applied Social Psychology. 13(2):205-216.)
  • As a non-smoking female, men perceive you as more likable than when you used to smoke. (Basic & Applied Social Psychology. 13(2):205-216.)
  • Actors who use tobacco products are rated less favorably by children than actors who don't use tobacco products. (Journal of Clinical Child Psychology. 27(4):415-422.)
  • Persons who have remained tobacco-free for more than 15 years appear to have the same risk as "never-smokers" for stomach cancer. (Cancer Causes Control. 9(3):321-9.)
  • Excess risk of heart disease caused by smoking could be cut in half after just one year of quitting smoking. (Journal of Health Care for the Poor and Underserved. 8(3):303-10.)
  • Increased risk for developing prostate cancer as a smoker disappears over time once you quit. (Cancer Epidemiology, Biomarkers and Prevention. 8(4 Pt 1):277-82.)
  • Quitting smoking could help to slow facial aging and the appearance of wrinkles. (Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. 41(1):27-30).
  • Lung function improves within a few months of quitting smoking. (Am J Respir Crit Care Med. 161(2 Pt 1):381-90. & Lancet. 17;354(9174):177-8.)
  • Self-massage may help quitters to relax and improve their mood while quitting. (Preventive Medicine. 28(1):28-32.)
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Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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