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VertiFree - Natural homeopathic remedy for vertigo & dizziness

R 185.00

Fast relief from dizziness & nausea!

  • Supports balance mechanisms & normal fluid levels in the inner ear
  • Addresses acute physical symptoms such as dizziness, nausea, sweating and vomiting
  • Supports normal fluid levels in the inner ear
  • Acts as a general tonic for the vestibular system
  • Addresses the sensation of spinning or swaying
  • On-hand relief for people with Meniere's Disease
  • Safe for all ages and during pregnancy & breastfeeding

The natural way

Experiencing dizziness and problems with balance from time to time can be extremely distressing. Drinking adequate amounts of fluid daily and changing positions slowly can help to lessen dizziness and disorientation. It is a good idea to limit the amount of salt you eat in a day to decrease the pressure of your inner ear. People who suffer from vertigo also tend to experience nervousness that may result in a vicious cycle. Reducing stress levels can benefit anyone who experiences regular bouts of dizziness. Make sure that you have sufficient regular sleep, eat regular, wholesome meals (to keep blood sugar levels stable), and use natural remedies to benefit the nervous system. It is also important to have blood pressure checked as dizziness and faintness may be brought on by low blood pressure.

How can VertiFree help?

VertiFree is a safe, non-addictive natural remedy that has been formulated by a team of experts in the field of natural medicine and contains 100% homeopathic ingredients especially selected to address acute symptoms of disorientation and dizziness. VertiFree is taken internally and works quickly to alleviate symptoms of vertigo or dizziness. VertiFree may be taken at the first signs of vertigo, dizziness, feelings of being ‘giddy’ or motion disturbances to address imbalance and promote stability quickly and effectively, without side effects! Presented in small sucking tablet form, VertiFree is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives. VertiFree helps the body and mind to transition back into balance naturally.


      VertiFree contains the following 100% active homeopathic ingredients in therapeutic dosage:

      • Cocculus indicus (30C) This plant is native to India, Indonesia, Malaysia and Sri Lanka. The berries of this plant were scattered in streams by indigenous people to temporarily ‘relax’ the fish so that they would be easier to catch! This remedy would benefit people who tend to be very fatigued and have been so for a prolonged time. Fainting, restless sleep and ‘brain fogginess’ may be common and they may not accept that they are tired. Symptoms are often worse for movement and lack of sleep, but tend to improve with warmth, sitting down or lying.
      • Lobelia inflata (30C)  This remedy is best suited to those who suffer with faintness, dizziness and weakness, sometimes feeling as if their heart would stand still. Lobelia is also recommended by homeopaths for the relief of nausea.
      • Gelsemium (30C) This remedy is native to North and Central America and can be found in coastal regions in moist woodlands from Virginia to Mexico. It is a very attractive creeper that can climb up host trees to a great height, often hanging in tresses from one to the other. The root of the plant has been used since the days of the early settlers in America to address fevers. This remedy typically suits those who tend to become sedentary, preferring to move as little as possible. In its homeopathic form, Lobelia can be used to address headaches (accompanied by fatigue) and disorientation. Symptoms tend to worsen in late winter and spring or with emotional upsets (such as exams or deadlines).
      • Bryonia alba (30C) In ancient Greece and Rome, Bryonia alba was a popular remedy for a variety of conditions and in the 17th century it was popular in Europe. This homeopathic remedy was proved by Dr. Hahnemann, the father of homeopathy. Bryonia commonly suits the perfectionist. It is also highly suitable for people who respect their bodies and take meticulous care of them and their environment - and that is when they feel healthy!! Physical symptoms of conditions that can benefit from Bryonia include situations where the slightest movement is distressing, when headaches are present and when an individual perspires excessively. Symptoms worsen with movement and improve with rest.

      Lactose (inactive ingredient)

      How has VertiFree helped others?

      "I am a swimmer and often get fluid in my ear – this can affect my balance quite considerably. Thanks to this product, I can take it as I feel the dizziness and disorientation coming on – thanks for a product that I can take even during swim trials!" - Callum

      "I am a professional dancer – about a year ago I was on stage when everything started to spin, and I lost my balance. I went to the doctor for some tests and he said I had suffered with a bout of vertigo. I was not keen to go onto any strong medication, so I researched natural options and found this site. I have been using this product now for two months, and have felt fine! Thank you so much!" – Hayley

      "I had the most irritating sensation that used to cause me to want to topple over! It was a long-standing joke in my family, but it wasn’t fun for me. Then I found this product – I feel stabilized and have not had an episode since – Thank you so much for something that’s natural, and something that WORKS." - Jason

      "I have suffered with anxiety for years and for me this unfortunately came with dizziness and nausea. Combining your Mindsoothe and Vertifree has really made a very big difference in my life and I can only thank my lucky stars for your products." - Merideth

      How do I use VertiFree?

      VertiFree comes in small sucking tablets that may be dissolved or chewed in the mouth. 

      Suck two tablets in a clean mouth every 20 minutes or until symptoms subside. In chronic cases, this product is recommended together with regular use of Triple Complex Nerve Tonic to support the entire nervous system!

      Note: Because vertigo may have a number of underlying causes, it is recommended that those who suffer repeated bouts of dizziness should consult their healthcare provider for a diagnosis. Safe for all ages, including during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

      Avoid strong mint flavored candy that may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy. Consult your doctor should symptoms persist. 

        Disclaimer: This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness. 

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