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Dr Oz: What Is Your Metabolism Type? Are You A Type A, B Or C And How This Affects Your Weight?

Dr Oz: What Is Your Metabolism Type? Are You A Type A, B Or C And How This Affects Your Weight?

Dr. Oz reveals that studies show that just like each person has a special blood type, they also have a special type of metabolism. According to Dr Oz, your metabolism type therefore affects your height, weight, body shape as well as your personality. It also means while eating certain foods can benefit some people to look slim and feel healthy, it can cause the exact opposite in others – they pack on the pounds, struggle to shed the weight and feel tired and listless.

There are three basic types of metabolism – A, B and C, each of which is used to measure your metabolic type. Dr Oz says that each metabolic type requires a unique meal breakdown based on various amounts of protein, fats and carbohydrates. All of these meal breakdowns should also include plenty of fruits and veggies.

Here’s each metabolic type – find out what category you fit into.

Metabolic Type A

If you’re a type A, you can’t resist salty foods such as potato chips, pretzels, crackers, olives, smoked or cured meats. Type A’s also tend to be prone to anxiety. You are probably not even aware that frequent episodes of anxiety may be caused by the way your body reacts to eating salty or fatty foods. The most common traits of a person with type A metabolism include:
• Strong appetite
• Crave salty or fatty foods
• Experience anxiety and fatigue
• Talkative and outgoing

How to Eat
Type A’s burn protein and fats much easier than carbohydrates. When you crave salty, fatty foods, your body is in actual fact craving protein.  At mealtimes, your meal should consist mainly of protein and the breakdown should be 50% protein, 30% fats and 20% carbohydrates. 

Wondering what you should eat? Incorporate lean cuts of protein that are dark in colour such as beef, chicken, turkey, salmon or tuna into your daily diet. Dark-coloured foods are high in purine which is a substance which protects and nourishes blood vessels in the body.

Choose dairy products that contain fat. Yes! Go for it! If you’re a Type A, you are allowed to eat full cream  milk, eggs, whole fat cheese and cream. These foods are a much better option for you than the low-fat and fat-free products which are laden with sugar. The next time that you’re hungry or peckish, choose full-fat dairy products rather than fatty, processed foods such as hot chips, pizza or cookies. Processed foods are also loaded with sugar and it’s best to steer clear of them because they will increase your anxiety.  Make sure that your diet is filled with a variety of fruit, veggies, oatmeal and wholewheat pasta to match your metabolic type.

Natural remedies such as PureCalm and Fatigue Fighter can definitely benefit Type A’s. Use PureCalm, a herbal remedy to relieve episodes of anxiety and stress. PureCalm can be taken whenever you need to for instant relief – a must-have remedy to keep nearby! Always tired? Lack energy? Fatigue Fighter is a herbal tonic which will increase your energy levels and endurance levels as well as reduce fatigue. Taken regularly, you will feel revitalised and energised in no time.

Metabolic Type B

If you’re a Type B, you love sweet things! Sweets, chocolates, cake, cookies, ice-cream are your weakness. Your body is in desperate need of healthy carbohydrates but you crave sugar instead. Type B’s also have quite a weak appetite.   The most common traits of a person with type B metabolism include:
• Poor appetite
• Craving for sweets
• Sensitive nature
• Ambitious, organised and stressed
• Addicted to caffeine
• Struggle with weight loss

How to eat
Type B’s should choose low-protein foods and a low fat diet which which consists of healthy carbohydrates, lots of fruit, veggies and whole grains. At mealtimes, your plate should consist of 70% carbohydrates, 20% protein and 10% fatsMost of us would envy Type B’s because their meals are mainly carb-based. Remember, these are healthy carbs – brown rice, barley, whole wheat bread and pasta. Add low-protein foods such as white-meat poultry (chicken, turkey), white fish, lentils and chickpeas.  Eat low-fat dairy products such as milk, cheese or yoghurt. As Types B tend to be dependent on coffee, substitute with green tea or water.  

Type B’s should also take a dose of PureCalm whenever they are feeling stressed or overwhelmed. PureCalm will bring relief when the pressure of day-to-day living gets a bit much. Most of us need a bit of extra help to lose weight and natural remedies such as EcoSlim and Detox Drops will do just that! EcoSlim is a herbal remedy which boosts metabolism, improves liver and digestive functioning and promotes healthy weight loss. It also contains the ever popular ingredient, Garcinia Cambogia which acts as a natural appetite suppressant, helping to curb that sweet tooth. Detox Drops is used in combination with EcoSlim to support your weight loss journey and helps to cleanse the body from unwanted toxins, increase energy and strengthen the immune system. 

Metabolic Type C

Struggling to  figure out if you’re a Type A or B yet? Perhaps, you like both salty and sweet foods? If you do, then you fall into category Type C. Type C’s are a combination of Type A and Type B and their traits include:
• Unpredictable or fluctuating appetite
• Crave both sweet and salty foods
• Tired
• Anxious or nervous
• Suffer from aches and pains
• Some difficulty  in managing weight

How to Eat:
Type C’s have the ability to process proteins, carbohydrates and fats equally which is why they have a craving for sweet and salty foods. At mealtimes, your plate should consist of 33% protein, 33% fats and 33% carbohydrates.

Type C’s are allowed to have the most fats on their plate. Include a combination of low and full fat foods such as full cream milk, low fat cheese, yogurt and olive oil. Choose light and dark meats or fish – chicken, turkey, beef, salmon or tuna to eat. Don’t forget to add good carbs such as whole grain bread, pasta and cereals as well as a variety of fruit and veggies. 

Thyroid functioning may be a problem with Type C’s, causing fatigue, low mood and a sluggish metabolism, often resulting in stubborn weight problms no matter how much you diet or exercise. Natural remedies like Thyroid Assist can help to improve thyroid functioning and support healthy metabolism.

If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!
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Tahjee - October 9, 2018

Hi, my name is Tahjee and I feel as if I am a mixture of Type B and Type C. Sometimes i have an appetite, but many days I don’t have one. I crave sweets solemnly especially ice cream and caramel frappuccinos. I do get anxiety a lot, but I am a college student and I think is one of the only reasons why I get anxious. Lastly, I love hot potato chips, and dairy. What is my metabolism type?

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