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What is aromatherapy and how it can benefit your health and wellness

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The art of aromatherapy (also known as essential oil therapy) has been practiced for about 5000 years by people using extracts from plants and trees in herbal medicine. Originally an 'Eastern' method of healing, ancient cultures in China, India, Egypt and elsewhere, incorporated aromatic plant components in resins, balms and oils! Find out the definition of aromatherapy and the safe use of essential oils.

Millennial Health Issues: Are they as healthy as they think?

Despite millennials being health-conscious and obsessed with wellness, experts say that they are at risk for multiple health concerns, with recent reports suggesting that millennials might be one of the most unhealthy generations! Drawn from various data, studies and analytics, reports have stated that millennials are faced with more incapacitating and dangerous medical risks than other generations!

The following health concerns of millennials will be discussed:

1. Sexually transmitted diseases
2. Mental health disorders
3. Poor social skills 
4. Substance abuse
5. Bone and back problems 
6. Eye problems 
7. Reduced Fertility

Is sunscreen really as harmful to your skin as they say?

sunscreen safe environment skin cancer

We're told by dermatologists, spa therapists, doctors and the media that wearing a good quality sunscreen is essential in preserving our youthful appearance and preventing skin damage. While not many hesitate to dish out the coins for sunscreen products, there has been much controversy surrounding the safety of sunscreen.

We'll help you draw your own conclusion by covering the following topics:

  1. Types of sunscreens and how they work
  2. How sunscreens may be harmful
  3. Other harmful effects of sunscreen
  4. Safe sunscreen alternatives

Health Dessert Recipe: Organic Energy-Boosting Choc Chip Ice-Cream!

organic superfood dessert ice cream recipe

When people think of 'healthy diets', their minds often drift to dull, unexciting meals made from fruit, grains and vegetables. However, living a healthy lifestyle can actually be rather delicious, soul-stirring and creative! We're going to prove it to you with this Organic, Energy-Boosting HEALTHY Chocolate Chip Ice-Cream Recipe!

Parenting tips: Dealing with the challenges of adolescence

parenting dealing advice teenagers adolescence

While adolescents may come across as selfish, lazy, impulsive, careless and sometimes even demented, there's reason behind all of this. The teenage years are a time in a young person’s life where they move from dependency on their parents to independence and maturity, and there are a lot of changes happening in their bodies, too! The teenage milestone is when they undergo biological changes and cognitive changes - all these changes can be very overwhelming for both the teenager and for the parents. Here's some parenting advice on how to deal with the changes and challenges of adolescence!

How to prevent a burnout with a busy schedule

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It's time to start taking care of yourself. In the midst of balancing careers, studies, kids, husbands, friends, pets, finances and housework, it's easy to leave out the most important thing: self-careSimple acts of self-care can make a huge difference - you don't need to go on a 2 week yoga retreat to regain your stability!  Here are some health tips we've carefully compiled to help those who struggle with their time management and self-care amidst a busy schedule.

Whiten your teeth naturally at home (plus free homemade whitening recipe)

whiten teeth naturally recipe

Some people spend a fortune trying to get their teeth as white as possible, and in the process end up softening their enamel and damaging their teeth. This is because most whitening products use harsh chemicals to bleach your teeth. An increasing number of people are now looking towards natural, home remedies to make their teeth brighter, which of course is more affordable and healthy!

Here are our 6 top tips to achieve white, bright teeth - naturally!

Health benefits of microgreens and how to grow your own at home

health benefits microgreens and how to grow at home

Symptoms and causes of an underactive thyroid, plus natural treatments

hypothyroidism causes symptoms natural treatment
Underactive thyroid disease, also known as hypothyroidism, is a common condition where the thyroid gland doesn't make enough thyroid hormones to meet your body's needs! Understand the main causes behind an underactive thyroid and how to approach treatment and management of an underactive thyroid naturally!

All about the 4 skin types: Normal, dry, oily and combination (which one are you?)

4 skin types characteristics

Understanding what skin type you have will help give you a better idea of how to care for your skin. Each skin type has a specific set of characteristics and symptoms, thus needs to be cared for differently. To give your skin the best possible care, it's important that you understand the different skin types and how to care for each one respectively.

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