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Help children cope with the stress of divorce

Help child deal with stress of divorce

How to encourage your child to deal with and heal from the pain of divorce. Children who handle their parent's divorce in the best way are often those whose parents have supported the child's emotional well-being and encouraged healthy coping mechanisms. We've laid out ways in which a parent can help their child cope with the emotional upsets of a divorce so that they can come out of this big life change a better, stronger, adaptable and happier individual.

Top tips for men's health, well-being and happiness

top tips for men's health happiness well-being
When it comes to men taking care of their physical health, mental health and overall well-being, they often repress fears and concerns for fear of seeming ‘weak’. In attempt to carry this macho persona, men often suffer in silence. If you're a woman reading this article, encourage your partner, brothers, fathers, sons and male friends to speak openly about their health and mental state. If you're a man reading this article, we challenge you to shrug off the pressure of being rugged, tough and brave all the time! Men, take care of yourselves! Improve your health and well-being by following these top health tips for men.

Our top 5 ideas for a SIZZLING, romantic Valentine's Day

5 ideas to make valentines romantic and hot

Valentine's Day only comes once a year, but what if we told you that you could make it last the entire year? We've laid out our top 5 tips to boost your libido, reconnect with your partner and make this Valentine's Day (and every other day) romantic, sizzling and saucy!

Treat your child's ADHD the natural way: Top tips from our Clinical Psychologist

Treat your child's ADD ADHD naturally

Our Clinical Psychologist, Michele Carelse, (through her years of experience helping children and their parents cope better with ADD/ADHD) has laid out six simple tips, that can help treat your child's ADHD naturally, without the use of harmful prescription drugs! 

How to grow sprouts at home PLUS their amazing health benefits!

Seeds, sprouts, microgreens: how to grow sprouts at home and introduce them into your diet

Whatever the reason for wanting to start sprouting your own seeds, we're going to push you in the right direction by explaining why it may be better for your health, the planet and your wallet! All about seeds, sprouts, microgreens, and why you need to introduce them into your diet, and how to go about it!

DIY organic essential oil burner blend: Meditation

DIY homemade natural pure organic meditation aromatherapy essential oils relax

The best essential oil blend for a relaxing and holistic meditation experience! Here's how to make an effective, safe and relaxing essential oil blend for the purpose of meditation, using only pure and organic essential oils! Gets you in touch with your spirituality, assists with introspection, calms the body and centres the mind!

Tips for a beautiful and successful breastfeeding journey! Don't give up yet, Mama..

happy healthy natural breastfeeding advice tips
For some women, breastfeeding comes as naturally as breathing. For other women, breastfeeding is nothing but a tumultuous experience consumed by pain, tears and frustration, leaving them feeling like a failure. Here are some tips for the Mamas who have had a hard time with breastfeeding BUT are looking for ways to improve their experience and transform struggle to success!

Send your kids BACK TO SCHOOL stronger, brighter and happier than ever before!

back to school new year children students kids healthy motivated
How parents can prepare and motivate kids for a successful and vibrant school year. Going back to school in the new year is a time of transition, change (sometimes good, sometimes scary) and preparation. We've highlighted some useful tips on how to make your kid's new year exciting, comfortable and successful!

Top 5 tips on how to stick to your new year's resolutions!

keep stick to 2019 new year's resolution goals motivation

Looking back on all the years that I've failed to stick to my new year's resolutions, I can pin point certain mistakes I've made which have led to unfulfilled goals. This has allowed me to reshape the way I lay out my list and the way I follow through.

Here are 5 tips to help you keep your new year's resolutions.

Why do mosquitoes bug us so much and how to prevent them this summer!

keeping mosquitoes away this summer naturally

Nothing ruins a good night's sleep more than being attacked by blood-thirsty mosquitoes. However, there is hope for a good night's rest! Understanding how mosquitoes operate can give you insight into outsmarting the next troop of devilish critters that invade your bedroom.

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