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Pet Mood & Behaviour Problems

Like humans, dogs, cats & horses can be highly strung, suffer with anxiety and depression or even develop behavioural problems like OCD or aggression toward humans or other animals. While pets can have disorders like anxiety and depression, they cannot talk about their feelings like we can and therefore tend to act out instead. While problems like destructive behaviour or aggression can respond well to treatment by an animal behaviour specialist, herbal and homeopathic medicine can often go a long way to resolve the emotional problems underlying the problem behaviour. 

There may also be stressful times in the life of a well-balanced pet where a little extra help is needed. This may be a rescue pet settling into a new home, a horse attending a dressage show, a cat needing to visit the vet or a pet who has lost a beloved companion. Feelgood Pets has a range of natural remedies to help your beloved pets safely and effectively, helping them to cope with stressful times or to overcome a problem in emotionally stressed or anxious pets. Let us know if you have any questions. We are always here to help!