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Pet Immunity & Healing

Pet Immunity & Healing

Just like us, pets need strong immune systems to ensure optimal health. Without a strong immune system, our dogs, cats and horses would be prone to a range of viral, bacterial and fungal infections, as the immune system is the first line of defense! In addition, when our pets become ill, their immune system is important in helping them to recover quickly and return to health. 

Herbal remedies have long been known to encourage a strong and healthy immune system and in many cases can also be used in place of antibiotics in aiding recovery from illness. While antibiotics can fight against bacterial infections, they can also weaken the immune system. On the other hand, herbal remedies will work to overcome a range of infections, including viral, bacterial and fungal - and leave your beloved animal stronger and healthier after treatment! 

The remedies below will assist in recovery for dogs and cats and will also act as a tonic for your pet. Let us know if you have any questions - we are always here to help!