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FREE SA DELIVERY for orders over R399 (main centres).

Junior Mood & Nerves

Natural remedies depression anxiety in childrenLike adults, children can also suffer from depression, nervous conditions & anxiety. Mood & anxiety problems in children can be inherited or can be due to trauma, family troubles or difficulties in school. While some children display common symptoms of depression & anxiety, such as sadness, nervousness & withdrawal - with others it may be a little more difficult to work out what is wrong. Behavioural issues & 'acting out' are common, along with withdrawal, concentration, sleep & appetite problems. 

Our Director and Clinical Psychologist, has worked extensively with children who struggle with nervousness, mood disorders and shyness, as well as those going through difficult times at home and at school. Concerned about the negative side effects of prescription drugs, she developed a range of natural herbal & homeopathic remedies for children to help with mood, anxiety and shyness. Please let us know if you have any questions. We are here to help!