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Do You Know That Antacids Can Make Your Tummy Worse?

Do You Know That Antacids Can Make Your Tummy Worse?

The real truth behind antacids

Spicy curry, meatballs in tomato sauce or hot chips? All yummy foods, right? Very often, our tummies don’t like fatty or spicy foods but we think if we have the old, faithful pack of Tums or Eno on hand, we’ll be fine. Many people with chronic heartburn, acid reflux and other digestive troubles practically live on these over the counter medicines and can hardly be without  them! While over-the-counter antacids neutralise the acid produced by your stomach and offer instant relief in the short term, they also do more harm than good.

Here’s what happens:

1. Your stomach produces acid which helps to digest your food, destroy bacteria and act as a natural protective barrier for the body
2. Without your stomach acid’s protective barrier, your body is at risk every day of potential invaders in the form of food or toxins you may ingest
3. When this barrier is broken down, the harmful bacteria attack causing the acid to damage or irritate the stomach – often resulting in the discomfort of an ulcer
4. If acid escapes into the oesophagus, this is how an episode of acid reflux or heartburn occurs
5. What do you do? Reach for an antacid which works by neutralising the acid in the stomach, but also raises the pH levels, killing off 99% of your stomach acid
6. Changing the natural pH balance with antacids offers temporary relief but also upsets the good flora and puts you at risk of the’bad’ flora increasing in your gut
7. And, not having a healthy population of good bacteria being able to thrive in your gut spells trouble! You are now more susceptible than ever before to a host of digestive problems, food allergies and various types of bacterial infections like E. Coli, candida and Salmonella which can enter the body.
8. Many antacids contain certain salts such as magnesium, calcium carbonate, aluminium and sodium bicarbonate (yes, baking soda!) which can cause side effects such as constipation, diarrhea, belching and burping
9. Using antacids lowers stomach acid which causes food to stay in our stomachs far longer than is necessary prevents the proper breakdown of food.
10. Have you also noticed how many of these antacids are available in a variety of flavours? Mint, orange or tropical flavoured antacids packaged like chewable sweets? People tend to pop more and more, not realising that they are overusing them and as a result causing further damage to their stomach.

Tummy relief the natural way

If you’re experiencing frequent episodes of heartburn, gas or bloating, wouldn’t it then make sense to stop popping antacids and treat the root of the problem?

Watch what you eat

The very first thing to do is to eliminate all those offending foods from your diet that are causing you discomfort. Stop eating foods that don’t digest well – high protein and high fat meals, in particular. Other culprits that should be avoided include foods containing sugar, artificial preservatives and additives. A good idea is keep a food diary and list what you eat. As soon as you notice a pattern, you will know which foods to eliminate. Sounds like hard work? It may be a bit of drag in the beginning but your digestive system will thank you for doing it! A definite must is to introduce more low-fibre foods such as fresh veggies and fruit into your diet and drink plenty of fresh water too.

Vitamin Supplements and Probiotics

Vitamin supplements such as digestive enzymes help to break food down into the nutrients your body needs – protein, carbohydrates, starch and fat. These enzymes digest food easier and help with bloating and indigestion. Probiotics is good bacteria in a bottle – tried and tested and definitely your digestive system’s best friend! Make sure that you always have some on hand. 

Go natural!

A quick and easy home remedy to help get rid of excess stomach acid is to mix a ½ teaspoon of baking soda to 180ml ounces of warm water. Try a tablespoon of apple cider in a bit of water when you are having a bout of indigestion or heartburn.  In our Feelgood  Health range, Gastronic Dr is a 100% herbal remedy which relieves heartburn and acid reflux instantly (and is also safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women) while Gastronic Dr which also treats  gas, bloating and flatulence quickly and effectively. Chronic sufferers of digestive problems such as heartburn, bloating, indigestion and even more serious issues like ulcers, GERD or IBS may benefit from our Gastronic Dr herbal remedies.

Lastly, make some changes…

As with everything in life, if you want to feel better, you have to make a few changes! Skip the late night snacks and stop eating at least three hours before bedtime. Sipping on a cup of warm water with a slice of lemon before and after meals aids with digestion. Being overweight often brings about quite a few digestive complaints – try our EcoSlim herbal remedy to assist with weight loss and feel better!

If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!

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