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QUIZ: Are you suffering from FATIGUE?

QUIZ: Are you suffering from FATIGUE?

Fatigue is more than just feeling tired. It can creep up steadily, or hit with a vengeance, making you feel like you could sleep for a thousand years! Are you always commenting to friends and family that you are tired or have no energy? Take our QUICK QUIZ to find out if you're suffering from fatigue and what you CAN do today to start the reversal process and get on the road to more energy.

QUIZ: Are you suffering from Fatigue?

1. In the morning when I wake up I feel:
a) Fresh and rested
b) A little tired  
c) Exhausted and want to keep sleeping

2. As the day progresses I find that:
a) I get more energy as I go about my tasks
b) I hit a slump around late afternoon
c) By 10am I'm tired and by 3pm I need to rest or take a nap

3. I nap during the day:
a) Almost never
b) Sometimes, if I feel unwell
c) Whenever I can

4. To finish my daily tasks I often need:
a) To focus a bit
b) To have a cup of coffee
c) To have large quantities of coffee or other stimulants and energy drinks

5. My tiredness often negatively affects social events I attend:
a) Not at all
b) Sometimes if I've had a long day
c) Almost always

6. The following statement best describes my tiredness:
a) I don't get tired often
b) I yawn upon waking and I feel slight lethargy that lingers 
c) I yawn right through the day, and can feel a 'fog' in my head - and my limbs feel like lead

7. I have noticed that when it comes to physical activity (playing with my kids, doing gym, yoga etc):
a) I feel just as energised as when I started
b) I sometimes feel tired before, but afterwards I am full of energy
c)  I struggle through, but can't complete the session and need to rest or sleep afterwards

8. I have noticed that when it comes to mental activity (spreadsheets, calculations, research etc):
a) I get through them no problem, I can think clearly
b) I get more focused as the intensity of the work progresses 
c) I cannot fight through the tiredness and my mind struggles to cope

9. Choose which one appeals to you most:
a)  A good meal
b) A massage
c) A long sleep that lasts over 15 hours

10. My spouse, friends or children:
a) Know me as full of energy and pep
b) Understand that every now and then I need a nap to recharge
c) Worry about my tiredness and have been negatively affected by my condition

Mostly A's

You seem to have loads of energy, and it's unlikely that you suffer from Fatigue. That said, you may benefit from occasional periods of quiet time and reflection. Treat yourself to a soothing aromatherapy bath or massage once in a while - pamper yourself! Remember that burnout can occur, so schedule rests and getaways even if you don't feel it is necessary. To keep you in best health maintain a strong immune system and avoid feeling run down, we have an excellent herbal remedy called Immunity Plus that will help you stay healthy and full of bounce!

Mostly B's

You could use a little bit of extra pep, but not much! You may be suffering from common tiredness and should keep an eye on your energy levels to make sure that you listen to your body so that you don't become run down in the future. You may find you need a little help staying focused at work, and may benefit from a natural concentration aid instead of stimulants like caffeine. You can use Fatigue Fighter to help even out the odd bad day or two when you feel tired and lethargic.

Mostly C's

Oh dear - you need to assess your energy levels and medically check if you are suffering from chronic fatigue - it may be a good idea to speak to your doctor to find out why you are always so tired as there are many medical conditions that manifest with chronic fatigue as a presenting symptom . That said, we can offer natural remedies that can really help to boost energy levels safely - our Fatigue Fighter is marvelous and has no side effects (it contains no stimulants) but rather uses natural herbs known for centuries to help kick start the body's energy levels and clear away the cobwebs giving you more zest for life. Remember that you need to take care of YOU, before you can take care of others, so why not let nature help? It's worth a shot! 

Please note: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) needs to be correctly assessed and diagnosed by a medical professional. If you are concerned that you may be suffering from chronic fatigue, please see your doctor so that it may be investigated further.

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