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Festive stress! 10 coping skills for your family & pets!

Festive stress! 10 coping skills for your family & pets!

10 Festive Season Stressful Situations... and how to cope!

The festive scenario 1:
Your pets are agitated to be traveling on holiday (or unhappy to be put into kennels), they dislike having guests around the house and get totally stressed out by the different routine of the holidays. This leads to stressful behaviour, excessive licking or pulling out of hair and other signs of stress.
TIP: Try to keep as much routine as possible - walk your pets every day to burn up excess stress hormone in the bloodstream.
Solution: Add a small pinch of PetCalm granules onto the tongue to dissolve instantly. This natural remedy works like a bomb! Administer as needed just before guests arrive, or when animals show signs of stress.

The festive scenario 2:
You're in a panic due to last minute shopping, recipes and arrangements. Nothing seems to be going right and your stress levels are through the roof! You've noticed your heart rate is high, your palms are sweaty and you feel you just can't cope. Family are arriving to stay with you or the thought of facing shopping malls leading up to christmas makes you feel faint.
TIP: Make a list and prioritise from most important to least important. Remember that not everything can be accomplished, so be prepared to let a few things slide… and ask for help from family members and friends, it's the season of goodwill after all.
Solution: Carry PureCalm drops in your purse - which are natural and can be taken directly onto the tongue. You can also dilute them in your water bottle and sip throughout the day. Works very fast to calm the nerves and lessen anxiety. Highly recommended (especially on Christmas day when pandemonium strikes!).

The festive scenario 3:
Your kids go with you to a Christmas event and get spooked by the dog there, or end up getting highly stressed seeing Father Christmas at the mall (this is a common trauma). Tears and screaming ensue and you feel helpless to calm them...
TIP: Prepare your children ahead of time that there will be strangers at the party, but that you will be with them. If they are seeing Santa, explain that you are right there, and after their photo is taken you will be there to get them. Remain upbeat, your kids take their cues from you.
Solution: Before an event, administer one pinch of pleasant tasting Mom's Magic trauma sprinkles onto the tongue. These safe, homeopathic granules work wonders! They can also be used on-the-spot during sudden frights, falls and upset.

The festive scenario 4:
Your young child is anxious about seeing family members or going to a friend to play during the holidays. They might worry that the 'monsters' in the Christmas movie are real or have particular holiday time fears that create added stress.
TIP: While you must take care not to 'buy in' to the fear of monsters (as this means they might exist), it's a delicate balance to let your child know that monsters do not exist, and yet not make him feel he's being dismissed or not taken seriously. The best bet is to tell him that you are the boss of the home and that it's your job to worry, not his. Speak through all your child's fears and make him feel validated and comfortable to chat with you.
Solution: Of great benefit in these situations is K-OK KiddieCalmer applied on the tongue for instant relief and soothing comfort. Kids love the taste and the remedy has been formulated by a Clinical Psychologist. If you know that holiday time tends to increase your child's stress levels, start now with this remedy.

The festive scenario 5:
You know that your Festive dinner is going to contain some rich sauces that you can't resist! Your stomach, on the other hand, is going to pay the price - especially when alcohol is added to the mix. Many of us struggle during the festive season and the holidays when richer food is in abundance - the stomach is not used to it after the relatively blander routine all year.
TIP: At office parties, try to pace your intake of food and drinks. Dance, mingle and move in between to help take breaks between dining. When Christmas dinner or lunch arrives, remember that you can always have seconds and leftovers in the days to come, so take it easy on the day!
Solution: AllisOne Pure Synergy can be taken before Christmas meals to help your body (and your liver) cope and help lessen the drain and damage of richer foods and drink.

The festive scenario 6:
You had every intention to 'pace' yourself but things got out of hand. You wake up with a strong headache and your stomach doesn't feel too great. The truth is that a heavy night of eating and drinking can take it's toll - and if you haven't prepped for it, it's going to hurt. 
TIP: Most headaches are caused by the brain shrinking through dehydration, so grab that glass of water and add some lemon for detox.
Solution: AllisOne Nat Sulph Tissue Salt no. 11 is a must-have remedy for the holiday season. It's all natural, so no chance of doing further harm to your already delicate body. Make sure you have it in the family medicine cabinet for help with hangovers in a natural way!

The festive scenario 7:
One child gets the present she was hoping for from Granny, the other child gets something seemingly less great, and all hell breaks loose. Tears, screaming, fights. Another favourite for the holiday season is a full-blown tantrum in the store at the checkout tills.
TIP: Always have a 'surprise' gift stored as back-up: this must be a gift that kids have to share and play together nicely (2 bats and a ball are a good option as well as a board game). This gift is only given if kids behave and not get jealous or fight during opening gifts.
Solution: To quiet at stop shopping mall tantrums on the go - there is a miracle remedy that's all natural: AllisOne Rescue Synergy to the rescue! This works in minutes and should be a fixture in every parent's bag and car! It can be used also when tantrums occur in the home to great effect and with no harmful side effects.

The festive scenario 8:
Your toddler and younger children struggle to fall asleep when you have them sleeping at the hostess house in the spare room… or they seem very restless the night before Christmas! Kids are notorious for insomnia and avoiding sleep during the holidays. They may be over-excited or just too wound up to sleep and stay asleep! Babies can also struggle to sleep well.
TIP: A glass of warm milk and a story does wonders as milk contains an amino acid that makes the brain sleepy. Turkey meat also does the trick, so keep those leftovers!
Solution: For gentle effective and safe sleep routines without using sedatives, try DuDu Drops (in drop form diluted in water) and Sleepy Sprinkles (in granule form straight onto the tongue). Du Du drops is formulated for children over 1 year old, while Sleepy Sprinkles is perfect for newborns up to 1 year. Rest assured, both are developed by a Clinical Psychologist and mother of three - with no side effects and all natural ingredients.

The festive scenario 9:
As the holidays get more hectic you find you don't have the energy to think straight! You feel tired on your feet and your brain feels foggy - did you add four eggs to the Christmas cake or three? Why are your legs feeling like lead? You want to nap at every opportunity and really need a quick boost before the holiday parties begin!
TIP: Make sure that you sleep properly each night - even if it means a natural sleeping aid (without sedatives). Eat healthy foods and take small naps during the afternoon - even 15min works wonders!
Solution: Serenite Plus can be taken to help you regulate healthy sleeping patterns - best of all it has no side effects and contains no harsh sedatives. Fatigue Fighter is a must-have for days when you need extra energy while shopping… or catering the party!

The festive scenario 10:
During the gift wrapping before Christmas, or present opening ceremony on Christmas morning your pets are all over the place, barking and chewing at the Christmas decorations. Your guests are worried about your animals because they jump up and are too boisterous - or your dog has dug up the garden that you were hoping to show off during the festive party! Sound familiar?
TIP: Exercise is the best way to burn up excess energy, so before the present opening, get up really early and do a morning walk (or run) with the pets. While there is lots of activity going on, give your pets their breakfast in a separate room or let them play with their gifts (chew toys are fabulous).
Solution: NurtureCalm 24/7 Canine Calming Collar is a natural pheromone infused collar that you can put on your dog a week beforehand  - and also a great solution to stop troublesome behaviour. It's all natural and works fast to help pets be more obedient and behaved!

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