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10 homemade Christmas gifts

10 homemade Christmas gifts

10 easy do-it-yourself Christmas Gifts!

Can't find the right gift? Struggling to come up with presents that fit your budget? We have the answer! Easy, quick and budget-friendly gifts! Add the homemade touch! Follow our easy instructions below and wow your friends and family with your creative genius!

1. Decorative notebooks
Take a simple plain notebook (these are really cheap in the school section of your local staionery store) and cover the front side with decorative wrapping paper and old scraps that you may have from during the year. Use a stencil to write the words 'notebook' on it - or even word each one differently: "dreams", "thoughts", "wishes". This is a great option for a stationery lover and can be accompanied by some cheap pencils, stickers and ribbon.

2. Felt Brooches
This is great for any age - take some different colour felt and cut out shapes to make flowers, leaves and rosettes. Secure with thread and a single bead or faux pearl in the middle. Using fabric glue, apply a safety pin on the back to complete the brooch! This can be added to scarves, hats and coats for a beautiful vintage touch. Add feathers for something a bit more earthy!

3. Coconut Oil Body Scrub
This is a great idea for men or women - simply whip 1 cup coconut oil and 10 drops scented essential oil of your choice (both can be obtained from Feelgood Health - Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake, Cape Town (021 797 0193). Next add 1 cup raw sugar or epsom salts. This can be put into a pretty mason jar with a handmade label and string or twine with the directions: "Use a tablespoon amount on a pumice stone to scrub your tootsies."

4. Ribbon Bookmarks
This is a great gift idea for the avid reader in the family. This is also a great craft to keep the kids busy during the holidays! Simply collect all those colourful spare paperclips you have at work. Add different colour ribbons to the ends tied in a simple knot (lace also works well). These bookmarks can then be used at the office, home or at school (a great end of year gift for teachers!).

5. T-shirt Scarf
We all have an old t-shirt laying around somewhere - one that we never wear, but is in perfectly good condition. Why not convert it into a scarf for that trendy friend of yours? Simply cut right across horizontally - thus removing the part with the neck and sleeves. You'll be left with a 'tube'. Simply cut strips upwards, thus 'fraying' the whole length, then open into a scarf! This is one of the most comfy summer scarves too and takes less than ten minutes to perfect!

6. Spice Cake Cookies
Take an empty tin and cut rounds out of ordinary cookie dough. Buy a packet of glacé fruit, nuts and seeds. Once the cookies are done, decorate with the fruit, nuts and seeds to create really special 'fruit spice' cookies. These are great when you add cinnamon, nutmeg and other spices for the holidays. Remember to wrap them in clear cellophane and pretty ribbon or string (or even brown paper to be eco friendly!). A great gift for the hostess of the holiday party!

7. Scrabble Art
If you don't play scrabble much anymore, but have the board game lying around - take the tiles and make words for special family members. You can even do a baby name if someone has just had a baby! Glue the tiles onto pretty colour cardboard and frame for a very unusual and personal keepsake!

8. Keyrings
This calls for scraps of leather - but a cheaper option is felt and it works just as well. Cut a rectangle and fold over, stitching up the sides. Tie a ribbon on the top to secure and a key ring loop (available at hardware stores) at the bottom. These can also be beaded if you have the time or glue sequins for added flair.

9. Scented Pouches
Pick some lavender from the garden and let it dry out, this is best done over several weeks. If you don't have time, then scent a piece of fabric in essential oil. Stuff a fabric pouch and sew up the sides. You may also wish to drop a few drops of lavender essential oil inside. This can also be customised to the person - if you know they love cinnamon, fill with cinnamon sticks and dried orange peel. These make for great additions to clothes drawers to keep the moths away! Dried rose petals, dried rosemary and other desiccated herbs can work well too! A wide variety of essential oils can be obtained from Feelgood Health - Unit 6, Westlake Lifestyle Centre, Westlake, Cape Town (021 797 0180)

10. Herbal Infusion
These are do-it-yourself room infusers! What you need: vodka, citrus peel, scraped vanilla beans, or chopped toasted almonds. Pour vodka over the citrus peel, scraped vanilla beans, or chopped toasted almonds in a pretty bottle or mason jar (available at a hardware store), tighten and close. Remember to tell the recipient to let them sit at least three weeks before opening and to be mindful that it is flammable. The scent is just heavenly!

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