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QUIZ: Are you an emotional eater?

QUIZ: Are you an emotional eater?

Do you reach for chocolate after a bad day? Find yourself at the fridge after a fight? Eat sugary snacks when you are stressed? If you've answered YES to any of these questions, it's time to take our FREE SURVEY to see if you may be letting your emotions determine your waistline. Emotional eating, or 'comfort eating' occurs when someone has learnt from childhood to associate food with comfort. People with low levels of the hormone serotonin are also at risk for episodes of 'comfort eating' as their body attempts to redress the balance by eating foods high in sugar and carbohydrates.

Grab a pencil and a piece of paper and answer these questions as honestly as you can...

1. In the drawer of your desk at work you will find: 

a) pencils, tissues, throat lozenge
b) energy bar, occasional pick-me-up treat
c) chocolate wrappers, more chocolate wrappers

2. You describe yourself as:

a) nerves of steel
b) stable
c) a emotional wreck most days

3. If you could change one thing it would be:

a) to be less rigid
b) nothing, you feel you are just right
c) to be less sensitive

4. When you fight with a friend/lover/family member, you often:

a) let it slide over your head, not too bothered
b) get a little upset, but nothing too intense
c) feel a void that needs to be filled

5. When you 'pig out' on food it is usually:

a) no, never!
b) sometimes
c) often, done in secret

6. You have a history of depression or anxiety:

a) no
b) yes, in the past a little
c) yes, at present time, or on medication

7. You use food:

a) in a sensible manner to survive
b) to treat yourself once in a while
c) often as a reward for a hard day or a job well-done

8. In the past when you have had a break-up, job loss or significant emotional event:

a) lost weight due to lack of appetite
b) stayed the same, didn't affect my weight
c) gained 5kg-10kgs or more

9. After eating a lot of food or junk food you feel:

a) don't really eat a lot of junk foods
b) a little sick, so I don't do it often
c) makes me feel relaxed and happy, but then I feel shame 

10. Do you experience frequent food cravings especially for sugary or starchy foods?

a) no
b) sometimes
c) all the time!


The chances are slim that you're an emotional eater
You may want to keep supporting emotional health by keeping a journal or trying meditation. If you want to lose a few kilos or detox your body, try our EcoSlim herbal drops and Detox Drops. 
Psychologist's advice: It's also okay if you're not in a good mood all the time. Try and re-connect with your emotions, keep a journal and remember that friends and family are there if you ever need to talk to someone about any issues.


You may let your mood occasionally affect your food intake
Instead of turning to food to comfort you when you feel down, you might try something to combat depression. MindSoothe capsules contain St John's Wort and Passiflora and act as a natural anti-depressant. helping to balance serotonin levels without the side effects of prescription drugs. Using MindSoothe regularly will also help to prevent unhealthy 'coping' mechanisms such as comfort eating (or even drinking!). We also have a natural herbal stress-reliever called PureCalm Drops, which can be taken as needed when you feel upset or anxious. If you need some help losing weight, add EcoSlim natural herbal slimming drops to your daily regime. 
Psychologist's advice: You may need some extra emotional support now and then. Remember to schedule time to relax and wind down after a stressful day. Take part in exercise and healthy eating to keep emotional lows at a minimum. 


You may already be an emotional eater
Oh Dear. It seems most days you seem to feel like an emotional roller-coaster and you have the dietary habits to match. Our herbal MindSoothe capsules, used regularly, will help to balance serotonin levels (very important for people who resort to comfort eating as a coping mechanism!) and decrease the need to resort to comfort eating.  As mentioned above, our herbal PureCalm Drops are very good to keep handy to calm and soothe you during those moments when everything just seems too much and you feel like rushing for a chocolate bar! Some people also have trouble dealing with repressed anger and use comfort eating as a subconscious mechanism to 'swallow' down the anger to stop it erupting.  To help you lose weight in a healthy manner, consider EcoSlim natural herbal slimming drops and Detox Plus drops to help flush out your system.
Psychologist's advice: You need some extra emotional support - and it's important that you get it! Take small steps and start by criticising yourself less, and focusing on the positive. Keep a gratitude journal and a food journal to itemise when your moods turn and what triggers you. You also need to develop a substitute for food when 'that' feeling comes over you. Learn to do something else in place of eating - e.g. go for a walk or phone a friend instead. Do it often enough and the healthy habit will replace the comfort eating! Even writing down your feelings in a journal can help prevent a 'snack attack' when you are feeling out of control! Speak to a friend that you trust and remember that nothing is too hard to overcome. 

*please note: these questions are not the only criteria for diagnosing emotional eating and if you are concerned, consult a therapist or your doctor.

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