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5 immunity tips you don't know about!

5 immunity tips you don't know about!

1. Crab or Pork?

Did you know that not getting enough Zinc or Vitamin B6 can badly affect your body's ability to fight of colds and flu? Eating 85grams of lean pork will provide you with one-third of most adults' daily B6 requirements! Zinc (found in crab meat) acts as a catalyst in the immune system's response to invading flu cells. Eat 85grams of fresh or canned crab and you've got one-third of your recommended daily allowance of zinc!

2. Mice studies show fiber secret!

Did you know that mice that ate a diet rich in soluble fiber for six weeks recovered from a bacterial infection in half the time it took mice that ate mixed fiber? A study in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity showed that fiber is a key factor when it comes to immunity. Soluble fiber is included in: citrus fruits, apples, carrots, beans and oats. Eat 25 to 38 grams of total fiber a day to ward off winter germs.

3. Sugar and Fat Flu risk

Did you know fat and sugar may keep your white blood cells from being at their best and make the immune system sluggish? Avoid artificial sweeteners too as they just trick your body into insulin production. Rather indulge your sweet tooth with natural honey, agave sugars or fruits such as dates. Likewise, avoid vegetable oils such as corn, safflower, and sunflower oil - they seem to interfere with a well-running immune system - and rather replace them with Organic Olive Oil or Coconut Oil

4.Working late at the office – don’t do it!

Have you ever had a terrible virus or cold right after finishing a big project? Next time you think you’re doing the right thing staying late at work, you may just end up missing a week of work due to flu! Chronic stress can shrink your thymus gland and affect your T cells, creating major problems in your body's ability to fight off infection. A lack of sleep not only reduces T cells but also impacts levels of proteins called cytokines. Research shows that your risk rises significantly if you sleep for under seven hours a night. Sleep produces melatonin, needed for immunity. If you're having trouble sleeping, seek help soon.

5.Prevention is better than cure

Did you know the natural flu vaccine doesn’t contain live strains of the virus so comes without the side effects often associated with conventional flu shots? Yes, prevention is better than cure! Rather prepare for the winter flu germs ahead of time and consider a natural flu vaccine. Also, natural vaccines are available in tablet form and can be used by newborns right through to the elderly. This is a great option for the whole family.

Here is a natural approach

  1. Starting with a natural immune booster at the beginning of winter (Immunity Plus)
  2. Taking a homeopathic flu vaccine (Baniflu) which is safe for all ages and in tablet form, no needles!
  3. At the very first signs of infection (sore throat, runny nose, fever) repeat the treatment and add Throat and Tonsil Doctor . Following this routine can ensure that the initial viral infection clears quickly, that secondary complications are minimized and antibiotics are avoided, thereby reducing the likelihood of recurring infections.
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