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5 steps to stop a UTI in its tracks!

5 steps to stop a UTI in its tracks!

Be UTI Clear in 5 Simple Steps

Here are 5 commonly used tricks to help combat Urinary Tract Infections:

1. Go Very Berry.

Drink Cranberry Juice, to line the bladder and help prevent bacteria sticking to the bladder wall. (Note: don’t drink cranberry juice if you are on blood thinning medication).

2. Horse around.

Add Horseradish to your meals as it contains a natural oil that fights bacteria!

3. Shoo Sugar.

Cut out (or cut down) sugar. Sugar is known to 'feed' bacterial growth in the body.

4. Watch your wipe.

Ladies - always wipe from front to back after urinating to avoid pushing bacteria into the vagina.

5. Go natural.

Ladies - avoid perfumed panty liners, opt for natural sanitary pads or an eco-friendly menstrual cup instead of tampons, wear natural linen underwear and change them daily. As much as possible air your genital area and use clean towels after showering (showering is better than baths when it comes to UTI). Choose natural medications to support the urinary tract and give relief from infection!

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