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Women's Health!

Women's Health!

A woman’s mood is closely intertwined with her spirit and likewise with her health. If either part of ‘the whole’ suffers – a woman may feel increasingly unbalanced, and this may spill into other facets of her life...

Our Special Selection for Woman's Health - Health as Mother Nature Intended!

Women have always been close to nature. Our menstrual cycle matches the phases of the moon and the tides of the sea. Closely connected to creation by our ability to conceive, give birth and nurture our babies, it is small wonder that women knew about the healing powers of herbs long before modern medicine arrived to claim the healer’s place in society!

While society becomes increasingly more technological, communities are once more turning to the old ways and seeking out environmentally friendly and natural alternatives to health. What better way to do this than with herbal remedies for women’s health!

Find Peace & Relaxation

For those times when the stresses of the day seem too much to bare, when you need a little piece of paradise in your own home, simply dim the lights and find somewhere comfy to recline. Let a relaxing CD provide an hour of pure therapeutic bliss to soothe your mind and ease away tension using progressive relaxation exercises, specific guided imagery and calming sounds. 

PureCalm herbal drops can be used for on-the-spot relief of nervous tension or anxiety and are also effective in addressing panic attacks. Just a few drops are all it takes for fast-acting relief and calmed nerves.

For long-term underlying support from depression or anxiety, Mindsoothe is a completely natural alternative to antidepressant drugs – now that’s worth smiling about!

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