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Pamper for pleasure and peace of mind!

Pamper for pleasure and peace of mind!

After a hard day at work, or working hard in the home as a full-time mom, the body can take the strain of not only physical issues but often-psychological stressors too. Added to this is the fact that most of us (especially women) tend to hold to a strict ideal of near-perfection, that may leave us struggling to cope with daily tasks and events. Often it is our own feelings of responsibility as caregivers (or our self induced pressures) that have us reeling from activity to activity, and we feel we don’t deserve to stop – or we feel we just haven’t got the time!

It is a researched fact, that ignoring your body’s warning signals may lead to mental burnout, a low immune system and in severe cases a nervous breakdown. Physical conditions, such as tension headaches, neck, shoulder and back pain can be common signs of stress and often after a pampering session, those physical issues are removed.

Remember, that as a partner, spouse or parent, one needs to be in the best of health to, in turn, be there for the other members of the family. Getting to breaking point is not going to be very productive in the long run and so taking a few minutes each day, or a scheduled time each week for oneself can make all the difference!

Keep it Simple

Pampering need not mean an expensive day at the Spa. On the contrary, the most effective treatments can be the simple ones – no fuss or bother. Adding bath salts to running water in the bath, or spritzing the room you sleep in are all forms of pampering oneself. Light a candle or two, put on a relaxing CD or even paint your toenails! They key is to take a “time out”. No distractions, noises or responsibilities. Put yourself first for a change!

Massage and scent therapy is a wonderfully effective way of healing both body and mind. For centuries, massaging specific parts of the body have brought great relief – this need not be done by a professional – ask a partner or loved one to simply massage soothing massage oils into your neck and top of your shoulders before a relaxing soak in the bath. There are a variety of studies that indicate the therapeutic power of smell in relaxation. Herbal ingredients and pure essential oils can evoke hidden desires, feelings of serenity and peace as well as induce peaceful sleep – in a natural manner!

Here is our selection of aromatherapy products that can help you to treat yourself to an at-home-indulgence (or surprise a loved one with a pamper gift to help them realize how important they are!)...

Formulated specifically to restore relaxation, calm and peace to the stressed body, mind and soul – relieving tension where needed!
Complete Calm Burner Oil - Pure aromatherapy oils for peace & tranquility                  Earth Tribe African Wild Flower Bath Soak - For wild women!

Formulated to help you unwind and fall into a deep, relaxing slumber.
Insulmbia Burner Oil - Pure essential oils to help you relax & go to sleep

Formulated to create an aromatic atmosphere of mental clarity, peace and calm.
Meditate Me Massage Oil - Essential oils for peaceful contemplation                          Meditate Me Burner Oil - Pure essential oils for harmony & meditation                            Soil Organic Balancing Baobab Bath Salts - Certified organic




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