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6 thoughtful ways to spoil your Mom this Mother's Day

6 thoughtful ways to spoil your Mom this Mother's Day

Year after year, moms mostly know what to expect on Mother's Day. This year, make sure to put some extra thought into what SHE might like - it is HER special day after all! Here are some thoughtful ideas that she's sure to appreciate!

Here are 6 easy and thoughtful ways to spoil your mom this Mother's Day!

Encourage her to relax

Moms are known for running around, trying to make sure everybody else is happy, while putting themselves last. A Mom will prioritise her family's happiness and well-being over her own, which often results in her feeling exhausted. Encourage your Mom to take time out for herself this Mother's Day! If there's housework to be done, get the grandkids, yourself or a housekeeper to clean up! She's most likely been the one to make sure that everything's in order for more than half her life, so relaxing may not be easy for her. As stubborn as she may be, don't allow her to lift a finger on her special day. Sorry Mom - no cooking, cleaning or organising ANYTHING today!

This Mother's Day, while the house is being cleaned, errands are being run, or meals are being prepared, allow her to take some time out in a hot, steaming bath. Make this Mother's Day bath extra special with a wildly magical flower-power infused bath - for a wild woman's well-deserved 'me time'! This absolutely gorgeous African wildflower power bath soak is made with hand-harvested soothing rooibos, anti-aging exotic hibiscus petals, rose essential oils and Magnesium for deep relaxation and stress relief. Free from preservatives, parabens, petrochemicals and other artificial ingredients! Pair the bath soak with this Natural Lavender Essential Oil Body Scrub that buffs away roughness, removes dead skin cells, and will leave her skin feeling soft and silky!

Ask her for her bucket list

Instead of guessing what your Mom would love this Mother's Day, ask her to give you her bucket list. While you might not be able to book her a cruise to the Bahamas, you may be able to take her on a weekend away somewhere else, or do a fun activity she's been wanting to do for years! Try tick off at least one thing from her bucket list. This is a meaningful and thoughtful way to spoil your Mom this Mother's Day, and she will be incredibly grateful!

Pamper her skin

Moms love to joke that their wrinkles and grey hairs are a result of their kids and husbands! While ageing is unavoidable, this statement holds some truth to it! External factors such as stress play a big role in how quickly signs of ageing start popping up, and running a household can be very stressful! Make it up to her with Mother's Day gifts that pamper and nourish her skin. Encourage your Mom to avoid facial products that contain harmful synthetic chemicals and fragrances and convert her to natural and organic! Not only is it way better for the earth, it's better for her, too. Remember, our skin absorbs whatever is applied, so if you're using harmful chemicals on your skin, it will be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Gift your Mom with an Organic African Botanical Cleansing Milk that cleans skin, removes makeup and nourishes the skin cells for a soft and silky finish! This Baobab Oil Formulation for 40 + Skin moisturises, protects and rejuvenates ageing skin, and brings out the natural radiance of healthy, well nourished skin!

Make a love-filled meal for her

Moms spend our entire childhoods, and sometimes even our adulthood, making sure everyone is fed. If you add up all those school lunches, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, don't you think she deserves at least ONE special meal out of the entire year? Try and get all your Mom's close loved ones together for a special home cooked breakfast, lunch or dinner! 

Just as Moms always try feed us with the healthiest options, do the same for her! Take a look at our wide range of healthy, organic and nutritious foods that you could incorporate into the love-filled Mother's Day meal!

Send her something special 

If you're not able to spend Mother's Day with your Mom for whatever reason, send her some thoughtful gifts instead of making no effort at all!

Make her organic and healthy chocolates

Chocolate is always a winner! Gifting someone with chocolates works for all occasions, whether it's a birthday, Christmas, a housewarming or Mother's Day. Did you know that chocolate, in its raw form, is one of the most powerful superfoods (Read: Top trending superfoods)? While chocolate has been adulterated with high amounts of sugar, additives, chemicals, preservatives and dairy, it provides the body with wonderful health benefits when in its unprocessed form - the less processed, the more bitter and darker it is, yet more healthy!

This Raw Organic Cacao Powder is perfect for making delicious and healthy chocolates for your Mom. By following the link, you will find a delicious recipe to make chocolates for your Mom. You can also use the Raw Organic Cacao Powder by adding it to desserts, smoothies, breakfasts, nut milk, rice milk, soya milk or hemp milk to make a delicious raw chocolate drink!

More awesome Mother’s Day Spoils

Sometimes choosing the perfect gift for a special mom can be daunting, but Feelgood Health has made this super easy for you! We’ve put together an awesome selection for awesome gifts for awesome Moms. You can order online, making it even easier to spoil your special Mom on Mother’s Day!

View our entire Mother's Day Spoils collection -->

If you have any questions, please contact us or leave a comment below. Our team always loves hearing from you!

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