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Do you need the happiness recipe?

Do you need the happiness recipe?

For those who need a gentle reminder (it can't hurt!) ...

The Happiness Recipe

2 heaped cups of patience
1 heart full of love
2 hands full of generosity
1 head full of understanding
Dash of laughter
Sprinkle generously with kindness
Add plenty of faith and mix well.
Spread over a period of a lifetime
and serve everyone you meet.

Change your attitude.
Very often we believe that others can make us happy. Stop believing that now! If you believe that your happiness depends on getting a better job, losing weight or someone loving you, you are heading for misery. Only you can make yourself happy and no one else is responsible for your happiness.

Be grateful.
Appreciate what you have. We have been brainwashed through the media into wanting more and better. A flashy car, new kitchen, an X-Box, or must-have Birkin bag cannot buy happiness. Savour special moments, nurture bonds with family and friends, and be thankful for the small things – a beautiful sunset, a delicious meal, walk on the beach or laughing with your dad.

Set goals for yourself that will help you attain the happiness you deserve.
Start with small, easy objectives first. Work on what you can change now. People often make the mistake of setting unachievable goals for themselves and then face disappointment afterwards.

Remember that the mind is always striving for balance, but sometimes needs extra help to produce those 'natural feel good chemicals' in the brain.
Nature has long held the key to feelings of increased happiness and wellbeing. Specific herbs can help to induce feelings of happiness without side effects and without becoming addictive. If you feel that your moods tend to range from serene to severe, there are natural options to help balance mood. If you tend towards feelings of melancholy and sadness, then why not try a natural remedy to help you cope and lift your spirits? There are also wonderful natural alternatives to antidepressants that can help to support you when you need it most.

Accept that bad things do happen and that life sometimes hands you a raw deal.
When you encounter problems, take responsibility and deal with them. This is all part of life’s lessons to help you see the bigger picture, and become a better person.

Surround yourself with happy people.
When you interact with others who are happy, you automatically feel good. Negative people tend to drain your energies and are no fun to be around.

Laugh more, it’s truly good for the soul.
You don’t have to be serious all the time. Use humour to deal with the heavy stuff that weighs you down.

Be good to yourself.
Do what it takes to uplift your mood and spirits. This may mean buying yourself a bunch of lilies, colouring your hair, sleeping in late or having a long, lazy lunch.

Believe that you are worthy of happiness.
Make a conscious effort to expect and embrace happiness each day. Decide today that you will be happy, it’s that simple!

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