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Quit smoking guidelines

Quit smoking this year! Start your year off right by quitting smoking for good!

 Many people all over the world want to quit smoking but don’t where to start.  Not to mention, all the smokers who have tried to stop but failed! People use medicines and even vapes or e-cigarettes to try and stop smoking. This may work for some, but drugs to stop smoking may not be the safest and healthiest option while stop smoking aids like e-cigarettes and vapes contain nicotine – which is the same substance you are trying to give up!

Here at Feelgood Health, we’ll show you how to quit smoking in a healthy and safe way in 5 easy steps.

  1. Create YOUR Stop Smoking plan

There really isn’t an easy way to stop smoking. Anyone that says so is only trying to fool you! However, having a plan in place can definitely improve your chances of kicking this habit for good. A plan helps you to prepare for any physical and emotional issues that may arise, which means that you will be prepared for them and will recognize them when they arise. A good idea is to identify short-term and long-term challenges you will face as this will help you to cope with and overcome them during your stop smoking journey. It also keeps you motivated, focused and confident to achieve your goal.  Remember, to keep a record of your plan as you move through the process. Many people find a Stop Smoking diary or a blog helps them tremendously, so start one right now!

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 2. Set a quit date  

Right, you’ve made the decision to quit! The next step is to choose a quit date. Set a date within the next four weeks as this will give you ample time to prepare yourself for the big day. You don’t want to set a date that is too far in advance or you may not follow through. Consider your quit date carefully – choose a day that holds special meaning for you or a day of the week that is least stressful for you. It’s important that you are relaxed and calm on your quit day.

Next, mark your quit day on a calendar and place it where you can see it every day. This is going to be a huge moment in your life, so you have to start prepping for it mentally and emotionally. 

Having willpower isn’t always enough and you will most likely need extra help! Using natural remedies can help to prepare the body and mind for quitting smoking as well as to resist cravings for longer. Start using MindSoothe, a herbal remedy by Feelgood Health which helps to balance brain chemistry while you continue to smoke in the few weeks leading up to your quit date. MindSoothe contains natural ingredients which prepare you psychologically for nicotine withdrawal and helps to keep you calm and ready to face the challenges ahead of you. It prevents the typical nicotine withdrawal depression so often experienced by people who are trying to quit smoking.

  1. Know your smoking triggers

As you will know, every smoker has a smoking trigger! It is important that you identify your smoking trigger to help develop coping strategies when you quit.

Ask yourself a few of these questions.

  1. When do you feel like a cigarette the most?
  2. Do you smoke first thing when you wake up?
  3. Do you smoke when you have coffee, drink alcohol or after a meal?
  4. Do you find that you smoke more when you are stressed, angry or upset?
  5. Do you light up when you are with people who are smoking?

Once you’ve worked out what your triggers are, you will see that they are usually associated with certain activities, places or people. 

Keep a craving journal and document what makes you want to smoke and at what times of the day your cravings occur. During this time you have to be aware of your reactions – what were you doing when you experienced the craving? Were you alone or with friends or family? How were you feeling at the time and how did you feel after smoking? How intense was the craving?

Quitting smoking is hard and difficult and there are going to be times when you will want to give in to your cravings. Luckily, there are ways to deal with this and we’ll show you how.  

Many smokers enjoy having a smoke after a meal. If you are this type of smoker, we recommend replacing this habit by eating a fruit, yoghurt, dark chocolate or chewing gum after a meal. If you like to smoke while having wine or other alcoholic beverages, it’s probably best not to join your friends who will want to pop outside for a smoke. Most eateries, bars and pubs prohibit smoking nowadays in any case, so that should help.

It is going to be difficult when you are around people who are smoking but you have to bite the bullet and be strong. During this initial phase while you are still smoking, start practising saying NO to a cigarette at least 3 – 5 times daily. You don’t have to quit altogether yet, just practice saying NO a few times a day.     

  1. How to cope with nicotine withdrawal

Once you have reached your quit date and finally stop smoking, you will experience nicotine withdrawal – these are symptoms that occur as your body adjusts to not having nicotine in your system. Withdrawal symptoms can be nasty and you may experience cigarette cravings, irritability, frustration, restlessness, headaches, increased appetite, sleeplessness, tremors or tiredness.

They start quite quickly, about thirty minutes to an hour after your last cigarette and symptoms can last for a few days, sometimes even up to several weeks. While these withdrawal symptoms are uncomfortable, they will pass and you will eventually get through them. Craving for nicotine often also often leads to other addictions such as food, caffeine and nicotine gum.

Remember that the physical symptoms of nicotine withdrawal only last for 3 – 4 weeks. While they are intense, they do pass and you just have to hang in there – it will be worth it! The psychological craving to have a cigarette is much longer lasting but easier to resist, so the worst time is really the first month and then you are on your way to a cigarette free life!

Use a natural remedy like our Crave RX to assist with the management of nicotine cravings. This remedy also contains herbs that will help to prevent the sugar cravings and overeating that often cause people to go back to cigarettes due to unwanted weight gain.  

When trying to quit, most smokers can be edgy, moody and temperamental. This is called the ‘short fuse syndrome’! Our Triple Complex NicoTonic uses natural biochemic tissue salts to assist with the “short fuse syndrome” so frequently associated with nicotine and withdrawal. Triple Complex NicoTonic helps to prevent irritability, restlessness and temper outbursts and ensures a calmer and more successful path to a cigarette free life!

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  1. Manage your nicotine cravings

There will be many times when you are tempted to smoke. This is perfectly normal! Understand that you have developed a nicotine addiction and the cravings will sneak up on you when you least expect them to. However, they will eventually pass and you can also learn how to manage cravings more effectively.

Many ex-smokers have replaced their bad habit with a good habit such as exercise. You can too! Lose yourself in becoming healthier by joining a gym, running, cycling or trying yoga or pilates. Other ways of distracting yourself can be by keeping yourself busy with another activity such as cooking, watching TV or messaging a friend. Try a new hobby such as pottery, painting, knitting or dancing as another way to distract yourself from smoking, replacing a bad habit with a good one! Remember that exercise helps your body to manufacture ‘feel good’ hormones, so regular exercise while quitting smoking will help tremendously – it may even be one of the best defenses against lighting up that cigarette!

Keep reminding yourself why you quit especially when you feel like reaching for a cigarette. Think about how much better you feel and look. You will have more energy, feel less tired and everything will smell and taste better too! Not to mention the fact that you will have lots more money to spend!

Be kind to yourself during this stop smoking journey and avoid situations where you will be tempted to smoke. Know your smoking triggers and avoid people, places or activities that make you want to smoke. If you DO slip and have a cigarette, don’t let it derail the process. Put that cigarette out and start again!

Lastly but most importantly, reward yourself! Make a point of celebrating individual milestones and victories such as “I’m one week smoke-free, I’m four weeks smoke-free, I’m 12 weeks smoke-free etc” Reward yourself for each achievement. A good idea is to save the money you would have spent on buying cigarettes and then treat yourself to something really special.

Be proud of yourself! Quitting smoking is no small feat and an amazing accomplishment.

Well done to you!  

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thea - January 3, 2017

Would like to quit smoking asap

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