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Reishi: The Cure-All Medicinal Mushroom

Reishi: The Cure-All Medicinal Mushroom

Medicinal mushrooms have a long-standing history in Eastern medicine, dating back thousands of years. One particular mushroom, Ganoderma lucidum, commonly known as the Reishi mushroom, stands out still today, having the oldest written record of any other medicinal mushroom! Avid use of Reishi mushrooms as a healing tool is depicted in ancient paintings, carvings and even on pieces of furniture!

Did you know? There are many different types of Reishi mushrooms. One of the most potent and widely used is the Red Reishi mushroom!

Fast forward to today, Reishi mushrooms are still one of the most popular types of mushrooms being used worldwide! They're widely used for their extensive and highly impressive list of health benefits, which we will elaborate on further below. As a health supplement, Reishi can be taken in tincture or powder (i.e. capsule) form, or simply dried and eaten. 

This Reishi mushroom supplement offers all the wonderful health benefits that a Reishi supplement could offer!

Here's a quick sneak-peek into the various and most notable health benefits of taking a Reishi supplement:

  • Balances and enhances immune functioning
  • Reverses ageing
  • Provides anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving effects
  • Improves the functioning of many body organs including the heart, liver, kidneys and digestive system
  • Prevents, slows down and treats various cancers
  • Improves brain functioning and mood, and prevents neurodegenerative disorders (e.g. Alzheimer's)

Immune functioning

The Reishi mushroom has powerful immune-boosting properties! In turn, this helps prevent and treat many infections and illnesses, and helps the body adapt to stressful environments. A notable mention is that because the Reishi mushroom is such a powerful immune-enhancer, it is said to assist those who suffer from conditions such as HIV/Aids, TB and hepatitis.

Did you know? Reishi mushrooms are so efficient at enhancing the immune system that they have been reported to prevent allergic reactions! This includes skin irritations, hay fever and even anaphylaxis!

Anti-ageing and detoxing

Reishi is also known as the “Mushroom of Immortality”. It was often used by those seeking immortality, or long and healthy lives. People believed that taking Reishi could help prevent and reverse ageing, and finally we have the science to back this claim up! We now know that the Reishi mushroom contains an array of antioxidants which helps the body to remove toxins and prevent cell death or cell damage. 

By protecting your cells from free radicals, you drastically reduce your risk for many diseases and premature ageing. The Reishi mushroom also boosts your energy levels and vitality, making it possible to retain that youthful bounce we all seek!

Pain relief

For people suffering from gout, arthritis, fibromyalgia or injuries, Reishi mushrooms might just be what the doctor ordered! The anti-inflammatory properties of the Reishi mushroom makes it a suitable remedy for a variety of conditions that stem from inflammation, and can even help alleviate headaches.

Digestion, heart health, and general wellbeing

The high amount of nutrients, fiber, amino acids and healthy fatty acids found in the Reishi mushroom makes it the ideal supplement for those looking to improve their general health. Reishi mushrooms have been proven to improve blood and nutrient flow to the heart and brain, as well as enhancing oxygen flow to the rest of the body and organ systems. This means that your organs will be able to function much better and have the capacity to correct any imbalance or illness!

For those struggling with gut health and digestion, Reishi mushrooms are said to have a prebiotic effect. It's becoming increasingly well-known that many ailments can be corrected by simply improving gut health and balancing the microbiomes found in the digestive system.

Anti-cancer effects

Reishi mushrooms contain polysaccharides, which is an anticancer agent. It's also the only known natural source of ganoderic acid, which inhibits the growth of cancer cells and tumours. Reishi has been used to treat breast cancer, prostate cancer and lung cancer.

Mood and brain functioning

Reishi mushrooms are neuroprotective, which means that they help to preserve neuronal functioning. Neuroprotection can help remodel the brain by stimulating nerve growth in the brain, which is highly useful in preventing and treating conditions such as Alzheimer's disease, depression or other cognitive disorders. If you have a family history of any sort of cognitive disorders, a Reishi mushroom supplement would be a good supplement to add to your daily routine.

Side effects of Reishi

There are not many serious side effects of using a Reishi supplement in either long-term or short-term use. However, please note the following:

  • Because Reishi is used to lower blood pressure in those who suffer from high blood pressure, it is not recommended for people who suffer from low blood pressure.
  • Reishi mushrooms may increase the risk of bleeding in people taking blood thinners or those who are going in for surgery. Doctors usually recommend discontinuing the use of Reishi supplements at least 2 weeks prior to surgery.
  • Because Reishi does such a fantastic job of boosting the immune system, it's not recommended for people taking immunosuppressant medications to treat autoimmune conditions.

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If you have any health-related questions, please contact us or leave a comment below for FREE advice. We always love hearing from you!

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