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Top tips for men's health, well-being and happiness

Top tips for men's health, well-being and happiness

Improving men's health

We're living in a society where men are pressured to portray themselves as rugged, tough and brave all the time! When it comes to men taking care of their physical health, mental health and overall well-being, they often repress their fears and concerns for fear of seeming ‘weak’.

In an attempt to carry this macho persona, men tend to not discuss matters of their health or other important topics, and often suffer in silence. If you're a woman reading this article, encourage your partners, brothers, fathers, sons and male friends to speak openly about their health and mental states. If you're a man reading this article, we challenge you to shrug off the pressure of being rugged, tough and brave all the time!

Men, take care of yourselves! Improve your health and well-being by following these top health tips for men:

Sleep enough

Men and women have slightly different sleeping patterns and sleeping needs. Interestingly, studies have shown that men don't handle sleep deprivation as well as women do, and struggle to rebound when they're low on sleep! The modern man faces various issues around the subject of sleep, but what it really boils down to is managing your time and priorities.

Men, like women, have a lot on their plate! Work, wife, children, exercise, friends.. With all of those demands, it’s obvious why sleep comes a distant last in priorities. Lack of sleep can result in unwanted side effects like poor work performance, lethargy, fights with your partner, being impatient with your kids, low libido and various health issues! In order to be a happy, healthy, energetic and successful man, you need to ensure you get enough rest.

If you struggle to sleep, there are various natural and healthy solutions, such as this Night Pillow Mist aromatherapy spray and Serenite Plus natural remedy for insomnia.

Exercise frequently

Apart from losing weight or bulking up, exercising frequently is one of the most beneficial things a man can do for himself. Exercise boosts your brain activity and functioning, including memory, concentration and mental clarity. It also helps your brain release endorphins (happy hormones) which help to combat stress.

Studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are less likely to get sick than people who exercise infrequently, due to the fact that exercise benefits the immune system. One of the BEST benefits a man could gain from exercising regularly is that regular exercise can increase arousal, help you last longer in bed, and decrease your risk for erectile dysfunction! Combine all of these benefits, and you're bound to be a confident, healthy, happy and motivated man!

Solgar L-Carnitine is a powerful liquid supplement that boosts energy and increases physical endurance! Take this daily, in combination with a smoothie made with Maca Powder, and you'll soon be smashing your workouts!

Boost your sexual performance

Don't let sexual health issues ruin your sex life! Lack of sex drive, premature ejaculation, erectile dysfunction, stress and low self-esteem are all contributing factors to an unfulfilling sex life. While there are various drugs and prescription medications to combat sexual concerns, many of them have negative side effects like putting strain on the heart or affecting one's mood. 

Luckily, natural medicines have a long history of safety and effectiveness in helping to support sexual health and fertility. We've formulated herbal medicines for male and female sexual and reproductive health, including herbal fertility tonics, libido enhancers, prostate health and many others.

Gents, boost your sexual arousal, performance and stamina with Iqawe, a herbal tonic that prevents erectile problems, alleviates performance-related anxiety, achieves strong healthy erections and boosts male pleasure!

Get your prostate checked

As men age, it is very important to maintain a healthy prostate, however, many people don’t really know much about the prostate! Every man has a prostate, a gland the size and shape of a walnut which can be found below the bladder and in front of the rectum. The prostate is vital for a man’s sex life and its main function is to produce milky fluid (semen) that carries sperm from the testicles during an orgasm. It also nourishes and protects the sperm. 

Usually from about the age of 40, the prostate enlarges. This is called BPH (Benign Prostate Hypertrophy) and is a normal part of the male aging process. However, an enlarged prostate may put pressure on the bladder or urethra and this often results in more frequent urination, which can become bothersome to men, especially at night. It can also affect the flow of urine, resulting in ‘dribbling’ or weakened flow. The prostate may also become inflamed. Prostate cancer is another thing which men worry about as it is a very common cancer in men!

There are a number steps that every man should take in order to keep his prostate healthy. Men who experience urinary problems or discomfort should consult their GP for a diagnosis as soon as possible, because while it may probably be something minor, it could also be a sign of something more serious. The Feelgood Health range has a natural remedy called Uro-Prostate Plus which is a gentle and effective herbal remedy which treats and prevents BPH and prostatitis, helping to reduce prostate swelling and promoting prostate health, while strengthening the immune system and promoting bladder health.

Prioritise family time

Strong bonds, love, connections, and relationships are fundamental needs of every human being, regardless of age or gender. Spending quality time with your family instils a sense of security and belonging, which then reflects on your overall well-being and mental health. Yes, it can be tricky trying to balance your job, friends, daily errands and all the other responsibilities, but it's important to set aside time dedicated to your family! Your kids and partner are sure to value your love and being a proactive part of the family, more than just being financially provided for.

Pay attention to your oral hygiene

Men are less likely to be concerned about having a regular home dental care routine than women. This could likely be linked to men being groomed to be unphased about many important things. To be honest, it can be a huge turn off to kiss someone with poor oral hygiene. Bad breath, gum disease, cavities and missing teeth are easily prevented and cured if you make sure to have a daily dental routine in place! If you really aren't interested in taking your oral hygiene seriously, AT LEAST make sure you schedule dental checkups where they can clean your teeth professionally and make sure that everything is in good order.

If you suffer from bad breath, HaliTonic is a 100% homeopathic remedy to address all symptoms associated with breath odour by treating the underlying causes, and will also assist with other body odour problems such as foul smelling feet, stools, gassy bowels, underarm odour, etc. Use HaliTonic along with a regular oral hygiene program and say goodbye to bad breath permanently! This Natural Detoxifying Charcoal Toothpaste not only leaves you with fresh-smelling breath, but acts as a non-abrasive bleach-free formula, whitens teeth gently yet effectively and removes stains!

Stay hydrated

Keeping your body hydrated comes with many benefits, and helps you function optimally so that you can be your best at work, at home, at the gym and everywhere else! Consuming water speeds up your metabolism, cleans the body of toxins, and generally helps to make everything in your body run smoothly.

When you're dehydrated, you'll experience feelings of fatigue and lethargy, and may struggle to perform daily tasks. The more water you drink, the more awake and energetic you’ll feel! Water also helps your brain to function optimally, and produces a healthy amount of testosterone (which in turn benefits your sex life)!

AllisOne Nat Mur. is a lactose-and-sugar-free tissue salt that supports water balance in the body's cells and systemic vitality preventing oedema (water retention), dry skin, and other water imbalance symptoms. Organic Chia Seeds, when soaked in water, absorb thirty times their weight in water, and help regulate body fluid levels and retain electrolytes (key in the battle against dehydration). 

Manage your alcohol consumption

Consuming alcohol is one of the most socially acceptable, widespread dependencies. Meeting the lads at the end of a working day for drinks is popular in many cultures, which is not a problem in itself, but becomes a problem when it happens far too regularly! If you’re a man who regularly drinks alcohol, you risk a whole host of issues like heart disease, erectile dysfunction, reduced testosterone levels, depression, addiction, poor work performance and even domestic violence! explains that "The UK’s Chief Medical Officers’ (CMO) advice is that people should not regularly drink more than 14 units a week to keep health risks from alcohol low. If you regularly drink as much as 14 units per week, it is best to spread your drinks evenly over three or more days."

To protect your body from the harmful effects of consuming alcohol, use Liver Thrive, our concentrated drops. Liver Thrive protects the healthy liver from damage caused by medications and alcohol, and prevents problems associated with a sluggish liver. Eliminate toxins and improve liver functioning with Detox Drops, which helps the body to recover after overeating or too much 'partying'.

Take care of your emotional well-being 

Making time for self-care achieves attractive features such as confidence, being productive and motivated, projecting happiness and having the ability to maintain healthy relationships with those around you. Self-care should not be viewed as only a feminine activity - it should be viewed as an essential tool for everyone! When most people think of 'self-care', they usually think of manicures, being pampered in a spa, facials and other stereotypical cliches.

Men avoid talking about self-care because the whole concept is seen as ‘girly’, however this is a huge misconception. Self-care can involve many other beneficial activities, including meditation, spending time in nature, spending time with friends and family, partaking in a social/art/sports club or even just going for a walk by yourself.

If you're prone to depression or anxiety, MindSoothe is a natural mood tonic that helps with sadness, stress, anger and panic attacks.

If you have any questions, please contact us for FREE advice. The Feelgood Health team loves hearing from you!

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