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Herbs for pets: Learn which herbs you can GROW at home for your dog or cat

Herbs for pets: Learn which herbs you can GROW at home for your dog or cat

herbs to grow at home for dogs or cats

Here are some of the herbs that you can grow in your garden to keep your dog or cat in good health.

Herbs for dogs

1. Rosemary

Rosemary has strong anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and antiseptic properties and therefore very good for your dog’s skin. It can be used as a gentle rinse for washing your dog and helps to promote hair growth.

This herb also acts an anti-oxidant and improves memory and mood in senior dogs. You can make a tea using a spoonful of fresh rosemary leaves in 250 ml of boiling water. Allow to stand and cool and add a spoonful to your dog’s water or food every day.

Rosemary has been used as a natural preservative in commercial foods and dog treats and is an excellent digestive aid.
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2. Chamomile

Chamomile is a calming herb and perfect to grow if your pooch is anxious or nervous. It is useful for digestive issues and helps to soothe a nervous stomach, vomiting or gas.

When used topically, Chamomile can also bring cooling relief to skin rashes, flea bites or allergies and speed up healing. If your dog experiences any of these health problems, chamomile can brewed into a tea and then used as a treatment.

3. Lavender

Lavender is a wonderful herb for both humans and dogs alike. It has soothing as well as antiseptic and anaesthetic properties. Use lavender in a rinse to relieve irritated or inflamed skin (hot spots) and also reduce excessive oil build up on smelly, greasy dogs.

Lavender is a powerful insect repellent and helps to discourage fleas and ticks. It heals wounds quickly and when used as a massage oil, helps to alleviate stiff and painful joints.
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4. Parsley

Parsley is quite a common culinary herb which has many benefits for dogs. It is rich in protein, fibre, vitamins and minerals and contains anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and carminative properties. Parsley is well known for treating canine halitosis and freshening your dog’s breath. Chop it up and add to your dog’s wet food for an instant breath freshener!

This herb can help to treat arthritis and cancer in dogs and is useful for digestive problems. As it is a diuretic, parsley improves kidney functioning, lowers blood pressure and also treats urinary tract infections.

5. Fennel

Fennel is another excellent treatment for digestive issues such as colic and flatulence in dogs. It helps to reduce spasms and calm the gastrointestinal tract.

High in antioxidants, this herb is known to prevent cancer and reduce the effects of cardiovascular and neurological disease. There are anti-inflammatory properties in fennel which is helpful for dogs suffering from arthritis and joint problems.
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Herbs for cats

1. Catnip

Cats absolutely love catnip! It acts as stimulant and mild sedative for your kitty. Catnip contains the chemical, nepetalactone which triggers a response in their brains, producing a state of euphoria.  It is the perfect remedy for highly strung or nervous cats.

Cats that have frequent nervous tummy upsets will also benefit from eating catnip. When applied topically, this intoxicating herb can also be used to treat itchy skin.

2. Licorice root

Licorice root contains anti-inflammatory properties which are highly beneficial your cat’s health. This herb helps to treat digestive issues, respiratory problems and soothe allergies. It is also used to treat cats with arthritis.

Licorice is one of the key ingredients in Digestive Support, a herbal tonic to support healthy digestion in both cats and dogs.

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3. Goldenseal

If your cat is always coming home with cuts and scrapes, then you may need to grow Goldenseal. It is a natural disinfectant and the roots of this herb can be dried, minced and brewed into a tea and used as a wound cleanser. Goldenseal helps to soothe itchy or inflamed skin as well as allergies.  

PLEASE NOTE: Cats are very sensitive to herbs and especially to essential oils, and these should always be used with caution. Check with your vet which herbs are safe to use first to prevent a toxic reaction. Never use essential oils undiluted on cats as they could be fatal.

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