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FREE SA DELIVERY for orders over R399 (main centres). Shipping costs for international orders to be quoted on.
FREE SA DELIVERY for orders over R399 (main centres).

Babies, Kids and Teens

Natural, organic, eco-friendly lifestyle products for babies, children and teenagers

Our babies, children and teenagers are our greatest gifts, and they are also our future. From before they were even born, we have been our children's protectors, making sure that they're always nourished, loved and strong! Because they're still growing and developing, we need to be extra specially careful about what they put into (an on) their bodies. Like all products on the Feelgood Health website, you can be sure that the products in the Feelgood Health Babies, Children and Teen's collection contain ONLY natural and organic ingredients - NO added preservatives, artificial flavours, colours or added synthetic chemicals - only pure goodness! 

Let's help our youth build a stronger, healthier, brighter future!