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Stop Smoking Combo: Crave-Rx + Sceletium (SAVE 10%)

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Combo for Stop Smoking

Quit smoking and reduce cravings with Crave-Rx and Sceletium. Crave-Rx is our non-nicotine natural remedy that eases nicotine withdrawals while your body recovers from tobacco addiction. Crave-Rx is recommended to use together with Sceletium, a mood-boosting and stress-relieving herb that helps with mood swings and irritability, which are often associated with withdrawals. This combo can help you beat your addiction and improve your well-being. Save 10% today!

Crave-Rx (50ml)

  • Contains a blend of herbal ingredients which naturally reduce the physical cravings of nicotine withdrawal
  • For smokers who are ready to stop smoking but who do not want to use nicotine replacement treatments

Sceletium (60 Veg Capsules)

  • A natural anti-depressant and mood tonic which is useful to assist with nicotine and drug withdrawal, helping to keep you calm and ready to face the challenges ahead of you
  • Prevents and reduces the typical nicotine withdrawal depression so often experienced by people who are trying to quit smoking

Ingredients used in Crave-Rx:  Avena sativa, Garcinia cambogia, Gotu Cola (Centella asiatica), Ethanol (natural preservative)

Ingredients used in Sceletium : 100% pure Sceletium tortuosum (450mg per capsule)

How to use


From the first 3 - 6 weeks, use Crave-Rx Drops every four hours to prevent nicotine craving. Thereafter, use Crave-Rx Drops when needed to control nicotine cravings and ensure balanced mood.

Dosage: 15 drops in approximately 1/4 glass of water, juice or milk every four hours or as needed.

Caution: Safety during pregnancy and breastfeeding has not been established.


Adults: 2 capsules twice daily.

Sceletium is not recommended together with other prescription anti-depressants

Please consult your health care professional before replacing any pharmaceutical antidepressant with Sceletium. When used at the recommended dose there are no documented side-effects. In large doses Sceletium can cause euphoria, but this is easily managed by reducing the dose. Do not use during pregnancy or while breastfeeding.

Note: Consult your doctor if symptoms persist or worsen.

Disclaimer: This product has not been evaluated by SAHPRA. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any illness.

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