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Baby Hair Oil (50ml) | BabyNature

R 193.00

BabyNature Baby Hair Oil Stimulates Hair Growth

Does your baby have very little hair? Our BabyNature Hair Oil encourages healthy hair growth while nourishing and protecting your baby's scalp. It's formulated using natural nourishing oils, including the best Almond Oil for babies hair! Safe to use from birth.

  •  Naturally enriches and conditions the hair and scalp
  • Easy-to-use: simply rub-on and leave-in
  • Contains Jojoba Oil and the best Almond Oil for babies hair for deep moisturizing and healing 
  • Made with Essential Oils to help stimulate hair growth naturally through increased circulation to the scalp
  • 100% natural ingredients, no additives, no artificial preservatives, no 'nasties' 

Ingredients: Sweet Almond Oil, Jojoba Oil, Essential Oils of Lavender, Cedarwood and Mandarin

Encourage Baby Hair Growth With BabyNature Hair Oil

Did you know? The follicles that grow on your baby's head while in the womb form a hair pattern that will be life long!

Some babies are born with lots of hair, while others have none. All babies are different! It is also common for infants to lose the hair that they were born with. Whether you would like to try prevent infant hair loss or encourage healthy hair growth, our BabyNature Baby Hair Oil can help! It contains key ingredients, like the best Almond Oil for babies hair, to grow and thicken thinning hair by producing enough keratin to reactive dormant follicles. 

Together with massaging with BabyNature Baby Hair Oil, there are also some other helpful things you can try to help prevent or reduce infant hair loss. Avoid overbrushing and tight hairstyles, keep your baby off their back when awake and ensure your baby is getting in enough nutrients. 

How To Use BabyNature Hair Oil

Pour a little oil in your hands and rub together. Gently massage the oil onto your baby's scalp, avoiding the fontanelle area. Repeat daily and after a bath for as long as you need. PS - a little goes a long way!

Note: Keep all products out of reach of children.

Tip: The power of touch: a very gentle head massage (avoiding the fontanelle) can do wonders for your baby's health! It can relieve tension and also strengthen your bond with baby as they learn to associate you with the feeling of comfort.

Why We Love BabyNature

Bringing you Mother Nature's loving touch! BabyNature offers a wide range of premium baby care essentials, toiletries and remedies. Staying true to their name and ethos, each product has been formulated with love and care for our precious little ones. You won't find a single nasty ingredient in this baby care range!   

This product has not been evaluated by SAPHRA. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. 

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