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Top-Selling Safe, Natural Herbal ADD & ADHD remedies

  • BrightSpark reduces hyperactivity and restlessness
  • Focus Formula Improves brain health, concentration, memory and attention span
  • Improves alertness and mental focus
  • Calms overactive minds, reduces impulsiveness and aggression
  • Improves grades and increases study efforts
  • Formulated to work together by a Clinical Psychologist & safe for all ages 
  • SAVE 10% when you buy both

Focus Formula - Natural herbal remedy for concentration, focus & brain health


    What is ADHD?

    Imagine living in a fast-moving kaleidoscope, where sounds, images, and thoughts are constantly shifting. Feeling easily bored, yet helpless to keep your mind on tasks you need to complete. Distracted by unimportant sights and sounds, your mind drives you from one thought or activity to the next. Perhaps you are so wrapped up in a collage of thoughts and images that you don't notice when someone speaks to you.

    For many people, this is what it's like to have Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, or ADHD. They may be unable to sit still, plan ahead, finish tasks, or be fully aware of what's going on around them. To their family, classmates or co-workers, they seem to exist in a whirlwind of disorganized or frenzied activity. Unexpectedly--on some days and in some situations--they seem fine, often leading others to think the person with ADHD can actually control these behaviours. As a result, the disorder can mar the person's relationships with others in addition to disrupting their daily life, consuming energy, and diminishing self-esteem.

    ADHD, once called hyperkinesis or minimal brain dysfunction, is very common and affects 3 to 5 percent of all children. Two to three times more boys than girls are affected. On the average, at least one child in every classroom needs help for ADHD. ADHD often continues into adolescence and adulthood, and can cause a lifetime of frustrated dreams and emotional pain.

    The Natural Way

    Rather than prescribing strong and sometimes addictive psychiatric drugs, naturopathic approaches to the treatment of ADHD and ADD take a more holistic look at the individual and take into account diet, lifestyle, personality type, surroundings and emotional factors.

    Natural remedies are used to effectively treat the symptoms, while at the same time helping the person to heal and to reach a state of balance and health. The natural approach is less harmful and more thorough and has a greater chance of curing the problem altogether, instead of keeping the individual on psychiatric drugs for many years. This is very important, especially in the case of children, because of the frequent side effects of prescription drugs and the risk of addiction.

    How have BrightSpark and Focus Formula helped others?

    BrightSpark and Focus Formula have been happily used to help control, calm and soothe thousands of ADHD sufferers and are among our top sellers. Here is what some of our satisfied customers have to say:

    “My 9 year old girl has been on Ritalin since the age of 5. She started taking focus formula together with bright spark. She is in a special needs class. Her teacher has taken off Ritalin officially in January this year. She still talks non stop which is the only reason she cannot go to a main stream class. She is getting above 90% in all her subjects except for Maths which for the first time she got 80%. She is calmer, listens and her concentration in her report used to be 1 or 2 but this time she improved to 4 in her concentration. She is in Grade 3. She was struggling and had to repeat Grade R. Grade 1 she battles but passed in a way. I started the products when she was in grade 2 where she started excelling and got a star badge at assembly one Friday. Thanks to feel good health with your products it really helped me and my little girl.” -Bathoko

    "We love Focus. It has helped our son's ADHD just enough to help him in school, and yet still allows him to be himself instead of the zombie side effects from the pills. He is 16 years old and also seems to be more reasonable (although still a teenager!) Thank you." - Lisa

    "I just wanted to say THANK YOU SO MUCH for making FOCUS. My 5 year old son was having trouble in Kindergarden and the teachers and doctor's just gave me a perscription for Ritalin. They didn't even check him. They kept pressuring me about putting him on something and My Husband and I did not want to put him on medication for something we didn't know if he even had. No one checked him or even talked to him. So, I finally looked up natural ways to help since, My Husband and I take alot of herbs and vitamins. I read the testimonals thought what can I lose. Focus has been a life-saver. The teacher says he's able to control himself better, listening and hasn't been sent to the office in over 1 month. If you do not want to put your children on medication you have to try this. It works 100% I will back this product. THANK YOU! " – Angela

    "This is our second order and I am so glad that we are placing it. This product has made such a difference in our lives that I am almost brought to tears. Thank you doesn't seem enough."  John

    "My 8 year old daughter was diagnosed with ADHD, I had two options, either put her on that strong medication doctors prescribe or look for another option, because of drug abuse in our famly history I thought it was best to try something natural, I found information on the web and tried FOCUS. This has made a wonderful change in my daughter and my household as well. It has been very good for her, it helps her "focus", she looks more in peace, she'll finish whatever she has started, you can actually find her in the same place 1 or 2 hours after she has started soemthing. I am so glad I found this kind of medication and would recommend it to any worried parent as a way out for their children." - Leslie

    "My grandson is in the first grade and since school started (August 26) he received nothing but black cards, the cards are best green, next yellow, next red, and worst black. The teacher could not get him to sit still to even know what she was talking about. I was at the end of my rope and I did not want to put him on prescription drugs. I heard about Focus, called the fine people and they explained to me about how Focus and BrightSpark work together. I received the order of both over the weekend and started giving him both. Monday when school started he got a green card, first time since school started, since then he has received only green and yellow cards. He is sitting still and doing his work so much better. He has not been on the medicine a month yet. Thank you so much for your help. I would recommend these products to anyone with children with ADHD problems. Again let me say thanks." - Patsy

    "I have a 10 year old son who has had ADHD since the age of 6. He was prescribed Ritalin by the consultant. I thought it would be better for him if i get get him of the Ritalin as it had alot of side effects, ie, insomnia, nightmares, loss of appetite & highs & lows of ritalin wearing off. I was a bit sceptical about trying natural products, but after looking through the internet i came across FOCUS, living in the UK natural remedies for Adhd are not greatly advertised, so i thought i would give it a try. (He) has been on the drops for about 2 weeks now and his doseage for ritalin has been halved. He was also on sleeping tablets aswell. I have noticed a considerable change in his eating habits, he is of the sleeping tablets, and is alot calmer and is able to concentrate alot more at school. I would recommend this product to anyone who is looking to take there child of a prescribed drug given for ADHD. I have no hesitation in continuing ordering Focus and completely taking (him) of the Ritalin alltogether. Thank You." - Tanya

    NOTE: Many experts believe that ADHD is not strictly speaking a disorder, but rather a group of symptoms which can be caused by many different factors, including emotional problems, inconsistent discipline, diet, hearing impairment, family problems, school environment and many other factors. It is therefore always important to correctly diagnose the problem, rather than resorting immediately to high schedule, sometimes addictive, psychiatric drugs with their unpleasant side effects.

      This medicine has not been evaluated by the Medicines Control Council. This medicine is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.